KPFA: The Ralph Nader Radio Hour [Program Feed]

  • Is The U.S. Turning Into Russia?/DC Statehood?
    [1]Ralph welcomes back Yale historian Timothy Snyder, author of “On Tyranny,” to talk about his new book “The Road To Unfreedom: Russia, Europe, America.” Then journalist Mark Plotkin tells us the status of DC statehood. Plus, Ralph weighs in on Gaza. [1]
  • Nuking the Iran Nuke Deal
    [1]Ralph talks to Colonel (ret) and West Point military strategist, Isaiah Wilson, about the consequences of the United States pulling out of the Iranian nuclear deal and the dark side of American exceptionalism. Plus, Ralph answers more of your questions! [1]
  • The Myth of the Litigious Society
    [1]The Radio Hour celebrates that bedrock Constitutional principle of an ordinary citizen’s right to have their day in court, when Ralph talks to legendary trial lawyers, Stephen Susman, Shanin Specter and Executive Director of the American Museum of Tort Law, Richard Newman. Plus more listener questions! [1]
  • Trump’s Corporate Presidency/The Truth About Airlines
    [1]Ralph welcomes back president of Public Citizen, Robert Weissman, for an update on the Trump agenda and what they are doing to fight it. Also, aviation expert William McGee tells us what’s really going on in the airplanes you fly with his book, “Attention All Passengers: The Airlines Dangerous Descent and What You Can Do To Reclaim Our Skies.” [1]
  • Beating City Hall/What’s Really Going On in Syria
    [1]Ralph welcomes independent candidate for California Lieutenant Governor, Gayle McLaughlin, who talks about how she and small group of progressive reformers turned around the city of Richmond, California. And one of the foremost experts on the Middle East, Professor Joshua Landis, clues us in to what exactly is going on in Syria, and what we should do about it. [1]
  • Happy Tax Day!?
    [1]Former Internal Revenue Service Commissioner, John Koskinen, joins Ralph to discuss the bad rap the IRS gets and the consequences of Congress cutting its budget. Plus, listener questions. [1]
  • John Bolton Must Be Stopped/How To Buy a Car
    [1]Ralph welcomes conservative Constitutional scholar, Bruce Fein, who argues against the appointment of John Bolton as National Security Advisor and why that should be a position confirmed by the Senate. Plus, Jack Gillis, co-author of “The Car Book,” gives us tips on how to buy the safest, most reliable car. And, a listener asks, “Did Ralph pave the way for Citizens United?” [1]
  • John Bolton: The New Dr. Strangelove
    [1]Ralph talks to journalist Gareth Porter about why both liberals and conservatives should be afraid – be very afraid – of warhawk John Bolton’s appointment as Trump’s National Security Advisor. And author/activist Julie Wark joins us to talk about why she is “Against Charity.” [1]
  • Iraq: Fifteen-Year Criminal War of Aggression
    [1]On the fifteenth anniversary of the start of the Iraq War, Ralph talks about the true costs of war with executive director of Veterans for Peace, Michael McPhearson and un-embedded war correspondent, Dahr Jamail, eyewitness to the battle of Fallujah. [1]
  • The Ralph Nader Radio Hour – March 19, 2018
    Ralph Nader talks about what’s happening in America, what’s happening around the world, and most importantly what’s happening underneath it all.
  • Skin in the Game
    [1]Former derivatives trader turned philosophical essayist, Nassim Nicholas Taleb, joins us to talk about his new book, ‘Skin in the Game,” about the role risk and reward plays not only in politics but also our daily lives. [1]
  • The Chicken S**t Club
    [1]Ever wonder why no bankers went to jail after the 2008 financial crisis? Investigative journalist, Jesse Eisinger, tells us why in his book, “The Chicken S**t Club.” [1]
  • Your Tax Dollars/Animal Agriculture
    [1]Ralph questions the Comptroller of the United States, Gene Dodaro, head of the Government Accountability Office, about a long overdue audit of the Pentagon. Plus, Dr. Gordon Douglas, co-founder of Princeton Studies Food has some pretty harsh words for our industrial animal agriculture system. [1]
  • Naming Brand Names!
    [1]Ralph welcomes the head of testing for Consumer Reports, Liam McCormack, who gives us a tour of the marketplace for many of the products you buy from automobiles to computers to auto insurance to appliances to laundry detergent and much, much more. [1]
  • Real Terrorists/Solutions For the Homeless
    [1]Ralph talks about the “real terrorists” in our midst – killer germs – with Dr. Michael Osterholm, director of the Center For Infectious Disease Research and Policy at the University of Minnesota. And then Brian Carome, executive director of Street Sense Media, tells us how his organization is helping the homeless in the Washington DC area. [1]

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