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President to Announce Decision Tuesday on Iran Nuclear Deal
Staff | truthdig.com | 2018-05-08
WASHINGTON–President Donald Trump is set to reveal his decision on whether to keep the U.S. in the Iran deal on Tuesday, a move that could determine the fate of the 2015 agreement that froze Iran's nuclear program. | The announcement is set to cap more than a year of deliberation and negotiation that has at times pitted Trump against some of his closest aides and key American allies. Trump is facing a self-imposed May 12 deadline over whether to uphold the 2015 nuclear agreement, which he long has criticized. The president has signaled he will pull out of the pact by the deadline unless it is revised, but he faces intense pressure from European allies not to do so. | "I will be announcing my decision on the Iran Deal tomorrow from the White House at 2: 00pm," Trump tweeted Monday. | The president…

VIPS Call on Trump Not to Pull Out of Iran Nuclear Deal
Consortiumnews.com | consortiumnews.com | 2018-05-08
As Donald Trump announces his decision at 2 pm Tuesday on staying in the Iran nuclear deal, the Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity urge him in this memo exclusive to Consortium News not to base his decision on fabricated evidence…. Read more ?…

Injured Amazon worker describes high-tech dystopia inside Texas warehouse
wsws.org | wsws.org | 2018-05-08
Shannon Allen described brutal working conditions, authoritarian-style surveillance of workers in the facility, and management demands to maintain frenetic rates of speed.

Is The Changeover just Twilight set in New Zealand?
wsws.org | wsws.org | 2018-05-08
The Changeover, highly praised in New Zealand, is a formulaic supernatural teen romance imbued with definite class prejudices.

Israeli Knesset debates legal framework for apartheid-style state
wsws.org | wsws.org | 2018-05-08
The bill explicitly defines Israel as a Jewish state, according nationality rights only to its Jewish as opposed to Palestinian citizens.

Him too? NYC Attorney General who sued Harvey Weinsten resigns after abuse allegations
RT | rt.com | 2018-05-08
New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, famed for prosecuting disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein for sexual assaults, is now being accused of violence by four women. He says consensual role-play is what took place. …

Educators struggle in US continues in aftermath of union betrayal in Arizona
wsws.org | wsws.org | 2018-05-08
The strikes and protests that have erupted so far this year are initial expressions of a powerful, objective social movement that raises basic political questions for all workers.

Tensions rise with Trump set to announce decision on Iran nuclear deal
wsws.org | wsws.org | 2018-05-08
With Trump's allies signaling that he will rip up the agreement, Israel has issued increasingly bellicose threats against Iran.

Workers Struggles: The Americas
wsws.org | wsws.org | 2018-05-08
The action included mass protest marches and the occupation of government buildings to press educators demands including the rollback of pro business education reforms and the re-opening of negotiations.

No solution to Italian government crisis
wsws.org | wsws.org | 2018-05-08
The second attempt to form a government failed on May 3 when the leadership of the Democratic Party rejected a coalition with the Five Star Movement.

That's just Rudi: State Dept disowns Trump lawyer's comment on regime change in Iran
RT | rt.com | 2018-05-08
The US State Department has been forced to publicly distance itself from the US President's old friend and new lawyer, Rudi Giuliani. He stirred controversy last weekend by saying the US leader is planning regime change in Iran. …

Danish unions sell-out strike in face of lockout
wsws.org | wsws.org | 2018-05-08
Public services across the country would have been hit, including healthcare, transport and education provision.

Dozens of classes without teachers at Flint, Michigan, high school
wsws.org | wsws.org | 2018-05-08
The school administration at Flint Southwestern Academy has hidden from parents and the community for months that dozens of their children's classes are being held without teachers.

Against imperialism, counterrevolution and war! For a socialist Middle East!
wsws.org | wsws.org | 2018-05-08
The following speech was delivered to the ICFI's International Online Rally by Johannes Stern, a leading member of the Partei fàºr Soziale Gleichheit, the German section of the ICFI, and the World Socialist Web Site editorial board in Germany.

Key Iran-Contra player Oliver North to be new NRA president
RT | rt.com | 2018-05-08
The National Rifle Association has announced its new president will be Oliver North. The retired US Marine colonel gained notoriety as the man behind the 1980s 'Iran-Contra' weapons export scandal. …

Report underscores Australian rental affordability crisis
wsws.org | wsws.org | 2018-05-08
The inflated housing bubble has created a social disaster, especially for recipients of poverty-level government welfare.

Unions isolate striking Pueblo, Colorado teachers
wsws.org | wsws.org | 2018-05-08
The teachers unions are isolating the striking teachers not only from their counterparts across the US, but throughout Colorado.

Afghanistan: Insurgent Attacks on Civilians Escalate
Human Rights Watch | hrw.org | 2018-05-08
Increased insurgent attacks on civilians in Afghanistan have left victims' families and survivors in dire need of financial, medical, and psychosocial support. The Afghan government should ensure programs to assist victims of attacks by the Taliban and Islamic State-linked armed groups reach those in need. | (New York) — Increased insurgent attacks on civilians in Afghanistan have left victims' families and survivors in dire need of financial, medical, and psychosocial support, Human Rights Watch said in a report released today. The Afghan government should ensure programs to assist victims of attacks by the Taliban and Islamic State-linked armed groups reach those in need. | "Insurgents who detonate bombs in mosques or at busy intersections with the intent of inflicting maximum civilian casualties are committing war crimes," said Patricia Gossman, senior Afghanistan researcher at Human Rights Watch and author of…

Kanye West is a race traitor, declares Atlantic columnist Ta-Nehisi Coates
RT | rt.com | 2018-05-08
Kanye West is abandoning his black roots by embracing President Donald Trump and "white freedom," says author and activist Ta-Nehisi Coates, the latest celebrity piling onto the rapper over his political views. …

Another Transgender Woman Killed in Pakistan
Human Rights Watch | hrw.org | 2018-05-08
A member of the transgender community applies make up as she prepares for Shakeela's party in Peshawar, Pakistan on January 22, 2017. | © 2017 Reuters / Caren Firouz | The latest killing of a transgender woman in northwest Pakistan's Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (K-P) province exemplifies the government's failure to take measures to protect the rights of its transgender citizens. | On May 4, assailants fatally shot Muni, a transgender woman, after she could not provide smaller currency for a 1000 rupee note (US$9) that could be "showered" upon transgender women invited to dance at a wedding. This was the latest of several recent attacks on transgender women in the province, the fourth killing in 2018 and the 57th since 2015, according to local activists. | Central has been the K-P government's failure…

Argentina: Government responds to peso crisis with panic selling of dollar reserves and interest rate increase
wsws.org | wsws.org | 2018-05-08
The Argentinian ruling class, under pressure from Wall Street, is fearful of another situation like the 2001-2002 crisis.

The struggle against militarism and the far right in Europe
wsws.org | wsws.org | 2018-05-08
The following speech was delivered to the May Day rally by Peter Schwarz, Secretary of the International Committee of the Fourth International for the past 32 years, and a leading member of the German section of the ICFI.

Cafeteria workers at the New School threatened with layoffs
wsws.org | wsws.org | 2018-05-08
Administrators at the private university in New York City have announced plans to dismiss the entire cafeteria staff and replace them with even lower-paid workers.

'Save Barnes & Noble': Twitter worried parts of US will be left without bookstores
RT | rt.com | 2018-05-08
'Save Barnes & Noble' started trending on Twitter on Monday, after an article in the New York Times highlighted the financial woes of the bookstore chain, igniting fears it may fold and leave parts of the US without a bookshop. …

Trump Congratulates Putin on His Fraudulent Win While Pence Slams Venezuela for Its 'Fake Election&#039
Cody Fenwick, AlterNet | alternet.org | 2018-05-07
The administration's blatant hypocrisy was on clear display Monday. | The hypocrisy of President Donald Trump's administration on human rights and democracy abroad made for a stunning display Monday. At the day's White House press briefing, Sarah Sanders read a statement from the president congratulating Russian President Vladimir Putin on the beginning of his fourth term, echoing the well-wishes that Trump controversially gave to the authoritarian leader right after the election. Yet mere minutes after Sanders' press briefing wrapped up, Vice President Mike Pence tweeted a video from a speech he gave earlier in the day, condemning the upcoming "so-called elections in Venezuela," which he said will be a "fraud and a sham. "Many observers indeed believe the Venezuelan elections to be largely rigged in the Maduro regime's favor, and undemocratic regimes warrant scrutiny and criticism. But Putin's Russia is hardly a beacon. . .

As Russia's Military Shrinks, US Navy Forms a New Fleet to 'Counter' Them
Jason Ditz | globalresearch.ca | 2018-05-07
Featured image: A US aircraft carrier in the Atlantic (Source: author) | Russia's military spending has been declining in recent years, and is expected to shrink even more in the next few years. Despite this, the US seems to have no …

Scheme to Let OPCW Name Perpetrators of Alleged Syria Chemical Attacks
Stephen Lendman | globalresearch.ca | 2018-05-07
VISIT MY NEW WEB SITE: | stephenlendman.o rg | ( Home — Stephen Lendman). | Contact at . | The OPCW is untrustworthy, its findings notoriously serving Western interests, functioning as an imperial agent. | Last October, Russia blasted the OPCW-UN Joint Investigative …

US Navy Resurrects Its Cold War-Era Atlantic Fleet to Counter Russia
Zero Hedge | globalresearch.ca | 2018-05-07
In a stunning surprise, the United States Navy announced Friday that it would reactivate its Second Fleet to counter the increasing threat from Russia. | Admiral John Richardson, chief of naval operations, said the fleet, deactivated in 2011, could oversee …

Fox News Guest Explains Why Tucker Carlson's Claim that Trump Shouldn't Speak with Mueller Is Ridiculous
Cody Fenwick, AlterNet | alternet.org | 2018-05-07
"If we can't trust our president to not perjure himself . . . that's a problem. " | Fox News hosts and guests have, by and large, urged President Donald Trump not to speak with special counsel Robert Mueller as a part of the Russia investigation, for fear that Trump will end up committing perjury. But on Monday, one guest, Democratic strategist Joel Payne, pointed out how ridiculous this position is on Tucker Carlson's show "Tucker Carlson Tonight. "Carlson argued that no lawyers, no matter their political background, would recommend talking to FBI as a part of an investigation unless the subject was compelled. 'They're terrified of . . . getting busted on a perjury charge for misspeaking to a federal agent," Carlson said. "Tucker, if you and I can't agree on the fact that the president should be willing to go in front of the FBI and tell his honest-to-God. . .

The NRA Helped Promote a Gun from Russia That Can Pierce U.S. Soldiers' Body Armor
Laura Clawson, Daily Kos | alternet.org | 2018-05-07
The organization's moral bankruptcy knows no bound. | American gun culture has a split personality: half the time we're supposed to believe that gun culture is pure American patriotism, and the other half of the time the claim is that citizens need to be heavily armed to take on the American government. Whichever claim is more convenient for the gun lobby at any given moment. But mostly, the National Rifle Association just f'ing loves guns, the way Donald Trump loves the look of his name in big gold letters. And if that means helping a Russian gun manufacturer promote a gun that the U. S. military says poses a danger to American troops, the only real question is . . . is it a really cool gun? David Corn reports: In late 2016, the US Army released a report noting that the Russian. . .

May 1945: Nazi Germany Surrenders, but… on May 7, 8, or 9?
DJRP | globalresearch.ca | 2018-05-07
After the Casablanca Conference of January 1943, the Americans, British, and Soviets had agreed that there would be no separate negotiations with Nazi Germany with respect to its capitulation.

Peace in Korea, World War in the Middle East
John Feffer | mintpressnews.com | 2018-05-07
The president giveth and he taketh away. | Donald Trump is a stern and wrathful leader. He thinks nothing of raining down fire and fury upon the enemies of his "chosen people." Indeed, he even flirts with ending the world if he doesn't receive due respect and the requisite number of burnt offerings. But he can also reward his followers, and those who curry his favor, with positions of power and untold riches. | This month, Trump will appear as both of these avatars. By meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, Trump promises to wave his hand and create peace where before there was nothing but strife and dissension. At the same time, Trump the Destroyer has pledged to take the United States out of the Iran nuclear deal and bring the world that much closer to apocalypse. | It's a…

Peace in Korea, World War in the Middle East

Idaho State University Lost a Dirty Bomb's Worth of Plutonium
Andrew Tarantola | globalresearch.ca | 2018-05-07
Well this isn't good. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission, the federal agency tasked with administering the nation's supply of fissile materials, announced on Friday that Idaho State University may be subject to fine for losing a gram of weapons-grade plutonium. While …

Netanyahu's Long History of Crying Wolf over Fake 'WMDs' in Iran and Iraq
INA | imemc.org | 2018-05-07
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has a long history of crying wolf over supposed nuclear weapons in Iran and Iraq — Ben Norton reports. | TRNN video & transcript: | BENJAMIN NETANYAHU:…

What Do US Pundits Know About North Korea That 88% of South Koreans Don't?
Adam Johnson | fair.org | 2018-05-07
"The pundits who shape the US media's coverage of North Korea were spinning the summit, and Kim's outreach in particular, as a dangerous, even ominous, event" (The Nation, 5/2/18). | According to a recent poll, 88 percent of the South Korean public viewed the recent peace summit between North Korean leader Kim Jong-un and South Korean President Moon Jae-in as a success. In addition, 65 percent of South Koreans trust Kim Jong-un on his pledge to denuclearize, and Moon Jae-in's approval ratings have shot up to 86 percent. Broadly speaking, recent developments between North and South Korea have been met with widespread optimism and praise from the South Korean public. | Reading US media, one would hardly know any of this. As journalist Tim Shorrock noted last week in The Nation ( 5/2/18), the response in US media was…

Planning for Aggression: Netanyahu's Nuclear Archive
Dr. Binoy Kampmark | globalresearch.ca | 2018-05-07
It all seems like an effort to confirm offensiveness and instability, to be appalling in order to be relevant. The Israeli prime minister, handicapped by domestic travails and a watchful Knesset, is very keen to push the Iranian demon into …

The US is Playing with Fire if it Walks Away from the Iran Deal on May 12
Peter Van Buren | mintpressnews.com | 2018-05-07
The chance of terminating Iran's nuclear program is held against the risk of full-on war in the region. The United States is playing with real fire if it walks away from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action on May 12. | The post The US is Playing with Fire if it Walks Away from the Iran Deal on May 12 appeared first on MintPress News.

The US is Playing with Fire if it Walks Away from the Iran Deal on May 12

The Fate of the Iran Nuclear Agreement. Israel Has Begun the Countdown to May 15
Norman Finkelstein | globalresearch.ca | 2018-05-07
Finkelstein comments: A few days ago I wrote this to several correspondents: | Trump has to renew/not renew the Iran agreement every 120 days. It's true that back in January 2018 he said the next renewal date would be decisive. But …

Netanyahu's "Nuclear Chutzpah"
Eric Margolis | globalresearch.ca | 2018-05-07
'Chutzpah' is a wonderful Yiddish word that means outrageous nerve, or unmitigated gall. | This week's Chutzpah Award goes to Israel's prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Standing in front of props of data files and cd's, Netanyahu claimed Israel's renowned Mossad …

Death Threats Against Abortion Providers Nearly Doubled in 2017: Report
Laura Clawson, Daily Kos | alternet.org | 2018-05-07
Anti-abortion extremists feel emboldened. | Violence and intimidation against abortion clinics are on the rise, a new report from the National Abortion Federation finds. While Republican politicians are looking to shut down clinics through government action, anti-abortion extremists are in the streets blockading clinics, threatening providers, and generally creating an atmosphere of fear for women exercising their right to choose: The report found that there was an overall decrease in acts of vandalism against clinics but a significant increase in activities aimed at disrupting services and intimidating patients and providers. Acts of trespassing increased from 247 in 2016 to 823 in 2017, instances of obstruction tripled to 1,704 and threats of death or other harm nearly doubled to 62. [. . . ]The one attempted bombing in 2017 involved a pipe bomb that did not explode after being placed in an abortion clinic in. . .

The Giuliani News No One Is Talking About
Staff | truthdig.com | 2018-05-07
Was Donald Trump starved for cash in fall 2016, when 62 million voters cast ballots for a candidate who told them repeatedly that he was "rich–really, really rich"? | The way that Trump "funneled" hush money to a porn actress just 11 days before the election sure makes it look that way. This would be consistent with four decades of Trump claiming vast wealth, but not being able to pay his bills as they come due. | As you read what follows keep two thoughts in mind: | First, would any billionaire need months to pay a $130,000 bill? | Second, there is not now and never has been a shred of verifiable evidence that Trump is or ever was a billionaire, a myth I first demolished using his own net worth statement prepared for a lawsuit in spring 1990. | Trump called…

Is the Washington Post Opposed to the European Union?
Dean Baker | counterpunch.org | 2018-05-07
That is what readers of its lead editorial must be wondering. The editorial criticized Trump's trade policies, pointing out that the policies are creating uncertainties for businesses. It then notes that Trump appears to view uncertainty as being a positive outcome:…

Health Ministry Allocates $3 Million for Gaza Medical Convoy
INA | imemc.org | 2018-05-07
(PNN archive image) The Ministry of Health, on Monday, sent a medical aid convoy worth $3 million to Gaza, announced Health Minister Jawad Awwad. Awwad said that the ministry dispatched 20 truckloads of medical supplies, from its warehouses in the West Bank city of Nablus, to the besieged Gaza Strip, …

Trump Disregards Caravan Migrants' Legal Right to Apply for Asylum
Prof. Marjorie Cohn | globalresearch.ca | 2018-05-07
The 300 asylum seekers who arrived at the US border on April 29 after a month-long, 2,000-mile journey have another grueling struggle ahead of them, according to the immigration attorneys who are donating their time to represent them. | More than …

15 is too young for life without parole, especially if you're innocent
Mark Maxey | peoplesworld.org | 2018-05-07
LITTLE, Okla.–"Daddy, I didn't do it," said Robert Mitchell to his father. Robert didn't blink an eye when he answered Charles "Gabby" Mitchell's question. Had Robert Wayne Mitchell, 15 years of age on September 4, 1992, murdered 90-year-old neighbor Myrtle McGeehee? The boy did not lie, but Oklahoma justice fell short for this Native Indigenous …

15 is too young for life without parole, especially if you're innocent

Caravan Migrants Remain Hopeful, Brave in Fight for Legal Asylum
Staff | truthdig.com | 2018-05-07
The 300 asylum seekers who arrived at the U.S. border on April 29 after a month-long, 2,000-mile journey have another grueling struggle ahead of them, according to the immigration attorneys who are donating their time to represent them. | More than three-quarters of asylum claims from Hondurans, Guatemalans and Salvadorans between 2012 and 2017 were denied, according to the Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse at Syracuse University, and this year's caravan of asylum seekers are facing a climate made even more hostile by the xenophobic Trump administration. | Once the asylum applicants–who traveled in a caravan to the Tijuana-San Ysidro border from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala–establish that they face a credible fear of persecution in their home countries, their ordeals are just beginning. | Colleen Flynn, an immigration attorney with the National Lawyers Guild's Los Angeles chapter, told Truthout that because of…

Nobel Nonsense: Nominating Donald Trump for the Peace Prize
Binoy Kampmark | counterpunch.org | 2018-05-07
It seems like rich nonsense, but should peace be attained on the Korean peninsula, with arrangements entrenched to ensure durability as opposed to unconvincing window dressing, President Donald Trump might well join the list of frauds and charlatans who have obtained the Nobel Peace Prize. The nomination for the 2019 prize came in a letter…

Who is Afraid of Venezuelan Democracy?
Maria Paez Victor | counterpunch.org | 2018-05-07
It is astounding, and sinister, that the European Parliament on May 3 passed a resolution (492 in favour, 87 against, 77 abstentions) demanding that Venezuela suspend the presidential elections slated for May 20. Do these European countries think that they are still colonial powers that can demand anything from other countries? Does European arrogance stretch to…

This week in history: The city of New Orleans founded in 1718
Eric A. Gordon | peoplesworld.org | 2018-05-07

PLO: US Embassy Move in Violation of International Commitments
INA | imemc.org | 2018-05-07
PLO Secretary General Saeb Erekat, on Monday, said that by recognizing Jerusalem as Israel's capital and moving its embassy thereto, the Trump administration is violating its obligations under international law, including UNSCR 478, and America's own commitments towards the peace process. "As Washington pursues a policy of encouragement of international …

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