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How Will Europe React to Trump's Dumping the Iran Deal?
Gary Leupp | counterpunch.org | 2018-05-09
People are asking how Iran will respond to Trump's announcement about U.S.withdrawal from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action signed by Iran, the U.S., UK, France, Germany, China and Russia in July 2015. I wonder how Germany, the world's fourth largest economy, will react. Last month in her summit with Trump, Angela Merkel reiterated German strong…

Intelligence Officials Are Worried Devin Nunes Would Endanger a U.S. Citizen's Life to Hurt Mueller
Mark Sumner, Daily Kos | alternet.org | 2018-05-09
Even the president appears to acknowledge this. | It seems as if Devin Nunes is protecting Russian oligarchs and endangering U. S. sources . . . and yes, there is a name for that. But it's also possible that Nunes is only protecting Nunes. Maybe it's time for the DOJ to check and make sure that Devin Nunes hasn't been on the receiving end of a "funnel. "The House Intelligence Committee and the Department of Justice remain locked in a conflict over a single issue: No one trusts Devin Nunes. Last Wednesday, senior FBI and national intelligence officials relayed an urgent message to the White House: Information being sought by House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes could endanger a top-secret intelligence source. The reason it could endanger that source is that Nunes has demonstrated that he is willing to leak, distort information, and collaborate with the White. . .

Trump and Netanyahu Collude to Damage NATO, Risk Middle East Instability and Nuclear War
Hans Stehling | globalresearch.ca | 2018-05-09
Donald Trump's White House default on the politically vital Iran deal, that was so painstakingly negotiated in conjunction with Britain, France, Germany, Russia and China in order to preserve world peace, has been done on the instructions of, and …

Stormy Daniels's Lawyer Challenges Trump and Cohen Over Russian Money
truth-out.org | truth-out.org | 2018-05-09
Did you know? Truthout is a nonprofit publication and the vast majority of our budget comes from reader donations. It's easy to support our work — click here to get started. | Michael Avenatti upended the entire narrative around the Stormy Daniels case against President Donald Trump Tuesday evening when he provided documents suggesting that his client's complaint is actually tied to charges of potential Russian collusion by the Trump campaign. | After he released the document, which claims that Trump's lawyer Michael Cohen received $500,000 from a company tied to a Russian oligarch after the election, Avenatti appeared on MSNBC's "The Last Word" with host Lawrence O'Donnell to offer a challenge to the president and his attorney. The money, Avenatti said, was sent to the same shell company that Cohen set up to pay his client. | "Michael Cohen, if you're…

Russia's Grand Strategy in Afro-Eurasia. Skillful Diplomacy. What Could Go Wrong?
Andrew Korybko | globalresearch.ca | 2018-05-09
Russia's 21st-century grand strategy is all about becoming the supreme "balancing" force in Afro-Eurasia through the skillful diplomatic management of the hemisphere's multiple conflicts, though the greatest danger to this vision comes not from the US' Hybrid Wars, …

U.S. Hypocrisy Creates Perpetual Enemies and Forever War
Maj. Danny Sjursen | truthdig.com | 2018-05-09
In foreign policy, Americans like to keep it simple. Good countries versus bad countries. Democracies versus dictatorships. Of course, as Ronald Reagan reminded Americans, we are a "shining city upon a hill," one of the goodies. What no one seems to ask is whether idealistic Americans have a clear view of the world as it is, or how their worldview affects the United States' global image. Surely, as the U.S. enters its 17th year of perpetual war, these might be questions worth pursuing. Problem is, the truth can be disturbing. | So humor me for a moment and join me on a tour of American hypocrisy and naiveté, from Africa to the South Pacific. | Let's begin with the big boys. | ? Russia, with Vladimir Putin at the helm, is considered one of the baddies–even MSNBC thinks so these…

Trump Vindicates Iranian Hardliners and Victimizes Ordinary Citizens
Consortiumnews.com | consortiumnews.com | 2018-05-09
Donald Trump's decision to pull the U.S. out of the Iranian nuclear deal only strengthens Iranian hardliners, hurts average people and drives up the potential for a devastating war, argue Trita Parsi and Ryan Costello. By Trita Parsi and Ryan… Read more ?…

Iran Again in the Crosshairs as War Hawks Rejoice
truth-out.org | truth-out.org | 2018-05-09
A woman passes a mural painted on the wall of the former US Embassy in Tehran, Iran. Donald Trump announced withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal on May 9, 2018. US (Photo: Fatemeh Bahrami / Anadolu Agency / Getty Images) | Truthout won't back down from taking Trump and his cronies to task. Click here to support journalism that holds those in power accountable! | After Donald Trump finished sloughing his way through a piteously thin explanation for withdrawing the US from the Iran nuclear deal on Tuesday afternoon, he slumped his way to the door, looking for all the world like an old hound badly in need of a nap … where he was greeted by newly minted national security adviser John Bolton, who was smiling under his mustache like some feral Cheshire cat. | If you are wondering…

War Codes in Trump's Iran Proclamation
Daniel McAdams | globalresearch.ca | 2018-05-09
Today President Trump announced that he was canceling US participation in the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JPCOA) otherwise known as the Iran nuclear deal. The president's assertions were ludicrous and factually incorrect, but the neocons who were no doubt …

Trump Pulls US Out of "Unacceptable, Defective" Iran Deal; Obama Slams Decision as "So Misguided"
Zero Hedge | globalresearch.ca | 2018-05-09
Summary | President Trump is withdrawing the U.S. from the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran | Trump is reinstating sanctions on Iran, but didn't explain how that will play out | The deal "should have never never been made," the president says | Trump …

VIDEO — L'Arte della Guerra — Flotta Usa con 1000 missili nel Mediterraneo
Manlio Dinucci | globalresearch.ca | 2018-05-09
La Truman — superportaerei lunga oltre 300 metri, dotata di due reattori nucleari — puà≤ lanciare all'attacco, a ondate successive, 90 caccia ed elicotteri. Il suo gruppo d'attacco, integrato da 4 cacciatorpediniere già nel Mediterraneo e da alcuni sottomarini, puà≤ …

Trump Withdraws from Iran Nuclear Deal
Stephen Lendman | globalresearch.ca | 2018-05-09
VISIT MY NEW WEB SITE: | stephenlendman.o rg | ( Home — Stephen Lendman). | Contact at . | There's nothing "horrible" about the JCPOA deal, plenty awful about Trump pulling out. | His deplorable action came as expected — added proof that …

Video: The Art of War: The B61-12, America's New "Nuclear Parcel Bomb"
Manlio Dinucci | globalresearch.ca | 2018-05-09
The new B61-12 nuclear bomb — which the US is preparing to send to Italy, Germany, Belgium, Holland and probably other European countries — is now in its final stages of development. | This was announced by General Jack Weinstein, …

Trump's Act of American Hubris. EU Opposition to Repeal of Iran Nuclear Agreement
Craig Murray | globalresearch.ca | 2018-05-09
The United States is so far doing virtually no trade with Iran anyway. In 2017 total US exports to Iran were just 138 million dollars, and total imports a mere 63 million dollars, figures entirely insignificant to the US economy. …

Trump's Iran decision makes world more dangerous, says atomic expert
Morning Star | peoplesworld.org | 2018-05-09
U.S. President Donald Trump made the world a more dangerous place by pulling out of the Iran nuclear deal, former atomic adviser Mohamed el-Baradei warned today. Former head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, el-Baradei called the decision to withdraw from the agreement "a tantrum and an act of bravado" by Trump. He warned that …

Trump’s Iran decision makes world more dangerous, says atomic expert

Medea Benjamin: The Peace Movement Must Mobilize to Support Diplomacy in Iran and North Korea
truth-out.org | truth-out.org | 2018-05-09
President Trump announced Tuesday he is pulling the United States out of the landmark 2015 Iran nuclear deal, brokered by his predecessor, President Obama. That same day, Trump's new Secretary of State Mike Pompeo flew to North Korea to finalize plans for President Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un to hold a landmark face-to-face meeting. For more on President Trump, the Iran nuclear deal and efforts to avoid nuclear proliferation and nuclear war, we speak with Media Benjamin, co-founder of CodePink, author of "Inside Iran: The Real History and Politics of the Islamic Republic of Iran." She has also participated in the peace delegation to North Korea, Women Cross DMZ. | TRANSCRIPT | JUAN GONZàÅLEZ: And, Medea, I wanted to ask you — you were very involved in the peace movement against the Iraq War. I'm wondering what your sense is…

John Bolton Has Advocated the "Libyan Model" for North Korea's Denuclearization. Is Pyongyang Surrendering its Deterrence Capabilities?
Andrew Korybko | globalresearch.ca | 2018-05-09
The new US National Security Advisor John Bolton controversially advocated the so-called "Libyan model" for North Korea's denuclearization. | While he was indeed speaking about the technical aspect of this example in having the North African country completely surrender all of …

Trump Breaks Landmark Iran Nuclear Deal
Jamie Merrill | globalresearch.ca | 2018-05-09
Donald Trump has announced that the US will withdraw from the landmark Iran nuclear deal, in the most significant foreign policy move of his presidency so far. | In a blow to US allies who support the deal, Trump said: | "I …

Obama Blasts Trump's Decision to Withdraw From Iran Nuclear Deal
Eric Ortiz | truthdig.com | 2018-05-09
The Iran nuclear deal was signed on Barack Obama's watch as president of the United States. On Tuesday, he was not happy to see Donald Trump withdraw from the 2015 agreement, or Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), which was meant to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. | Obama wrote a 942-word response on Facebook, calling the decision "a serious mistake" that could lead to war with Iran. | Read Obama's full post below: There are few issues more important to the security of the United States than the potential spread of nuclear weapons, or the potential for even more destructive war in the Middle East. That's why the United States negotiated the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) in the first place. | The reality is clear. The JCPOA is working–that is a view shared by our European…

Trump and Israeli Collusion
Margaret Kimberley | globalresearch.ca | 2018-05-09
Donald Trump's decision to exit from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) agreement on Iranian nuclear capability is in keeping with his doctrine of joining Israel at the hip of the United States. Fealty to the state of …

America Planned to Break "Iran Nuclear Deal" Years Before Signing It
Tony Cartalucci | globalresearch.ca | 2018-05-09
The so-called "Iran Nuclear Deal," officially known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) signed on 2015 now under threat by a backtracking US — was billed at the time of its signing as a historic agreement that provided …

Flush With Cash: Will Buffy the Bernie Slayer Win in Pro-Sanders District?
Steve Early | counterpunch.org | 2018-05-09
In a political culture shaped by big money, entrepreneurial candidacies, single-issue campaigning, and union dis-unity, you can run but not hide from crowded fields of Democrats. In many current primary races, they are all claiming to be "progressive," even as they raise and spend millions of dollars competing against each other–money that might have been…

Selected Articles: The US-Israel Alliance Is a Threat to World Peace
Global Research News | globalresearch.ca | 2018-05-09
Dear Readers, | More than ever, Global Research needs your support. Our task as an independent media is to "Battle the Lie". | "Lying" in mainstream journalism has become the "new normal": mainstream journalists are pressured to comply. Some journalists refuse. | Lies, …

3 Americans Detained in North Korea Coming Home
Staff | truthdig.com | 2018-05-09
President Trump says Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is on his way back from Pyongyang with the detainees, who "seem to be in good health." | The post 3 Americans Detained in North Korea Coming Home appeared first on Truthdig: Expert Reporting, Current News, Provocative Columnists.

U.S. Allies Lament Trump's Decision to Pull Out of Iran Deal
Staff | truthdig.com | 2018-05-09
Nations like Israel and Saudi Arabia that loathed the deal, however, see the action as a sign that the U.S. is returning to a more skeptical, less trusting approach to dealing with adversaries. | The post U.S. Allies Lament Trump's Decision to Pull Out of Iran Deal appeared first on Truthdig: Expert Reporting, Current News, Provocative Columnists.

Eclipsing Factionalism: The Missing Story From the Gaza Protests
Ramzy Baroud | mintpressnews.com | 2018-05-09
Palestinians, disenchanted with factional division, are laboring to create a new political space, independent from the whims of factions; because, for them, the real fight is that against Israeli Occupation. | The post Eclipsing Factionalism: The Missing Story From the Gaza Protests appeared first on MintPress News.

Eclipsing Factionalism: The Missing Story From the Gaza Protests

Readers speak: Utopian futures, cocktail party Marxism, and Obama's imperialism
PW Readers | peoplesworld.org | 2018-05-09
People's World readers offer their take on a number of recent articles featured in our pages. The comments below have been proofread and edited for length. Join the discussion on the PW website and on Facebook, or submit your comments directly to editors@peoplesworld.org. Re: Scholars mark milestones along past utopian roads to the future Henry Millstein says: Fascinating …

Readers speak: Utopian futures, cocktail party Marxism, and Obama’s imperialism

Trump Has Now Opened the Door to War Against Iran
Vijay Prashad, Independent Media Institute | alternet.org | 2018-05-09
The U. S. and its allies may find themselves in yet another unnecessary military conflict. | So, there it goes. Trump did what he promised. He took the United States out of the "Iran deal. " It was possible that Trump was merely bluffing. He has done this before. He has suggested a policy and then done the very opposite. But on Iran, all the signs pointed toward this madness. For it is, indeed, madness. Just after he did so, the Israelis bombed an Iranian facility inside Syria. This is not Israel's first attack on Iranian assets inside Syria. Nonetheless, it was very provocative that Israel attacked just two hours after Trump's dramatic withdrawal of the United States from the 2015 Iran deal. What do Trump and his allies hope will happen with this withdrawal? Already, as uncertainty gripped Iran and its creditors over the past. . .

Swiss Pharmaceutical Giant Admits $1 Million in Cohen Payments–Mueller Is Scrutinizing Them
Kerry Eleveld, Daily Kos | alternet.org | 2018-05-09
This story keeps getting worse for the president's embattled fixer. | A Swiss pharmaceutical company admitted to paying more than $1 million to Michael Cohen's company, Essential Consultants LLC, in a statement released Wednesday. The one-year contract extended from March 2017 to February 2018–payments special counsel Robert Mueller has been looking into. From the Novartis statement: With the recent change in administration, Novartis believed that Michael Cohen could advise the company as to how the Trump administration might approach certain US healthcare policy matters, including the Affordable Care Act. After the initial meeting in March 2017, Novartis said it quickly "determined that Michael Cohen and Essential Consultants would be unable to provide the services that Novartis had anticipated related to US healthcare policy matters" and decided not to further engage with him. But they said they were already locked into a. . .

Military Incompetence? Failed Performance of April 14th US-UK-France Missile Attack against Syria
Brian Kalman | globalresearch.ca | 2018-05-09
Like so many others that watched the unfolding U.S.-led cruise missile strike on Syria in the early morning hours of April 14th, I was amazed by the brazen and ill-conceived nature of such an undertaking. Not only was …

Soldiers Prevent A Palestinian From Building A Wall Around His Land In Bethlehem
IMEMC News | imemc.org | 2018-05-09
Israeli soldiers prevented, Wednesday, a Palestinian farmer from Nahhalin village, west of Bethlehem, from building a wall around his lands in the an-Nossiyya area, north of the town. Hani Fannoun, the deputy-mayor of Nahhalin Local Council, said the soldiers verbally informed Mahmoud Abdul-Jalil Zakarna, that the army will not allow …

Detainee In Critical Condition From Brain Hemorrhaging
IMEMC News | imemc.org | 2018-05-09
The Palestinian Detainees' Committee has reported, Tuesday, that a detainee suffered serious brain hemorrhaging, and is currently in a coma at an Israeli hospital. The Committee stated that the soldiers also assaulted the detainee, Aziz 'Oweisat, while moving him to the hospital, as the army is accusing him of stabbing …

Two coming-of-age films: New York in the 1970s and Paris today
Eric A. Gordon | peoplesworld.org | 2018-05-09
Two new films depicting a young person's coming of age are showing on screens now or soon: Boom for Real: The Late Teenage Years of Jean-Michel Basquiat and Le Brio. Boom for Real is an absorbing documentary about the rebel New York City artist of the late 1970s and '80s, and Le Brio is a …

Two coming-of-age films: New York in the 1970s and Paris today

History is Contemporary: Ishmael Reed's "Conjugating Hindi"
Liya Wang | counterpunch.org | 2018-05-09
Ishmael Reed's new novel Conjugating Hindi (published by Dalkey Archives) is provocatively historical and inspirationally contemporary. Set in Oakland, California, 2017, the story dramatizes how the old sin of slavery returns under a new president "who pretended to be champion of the Middle Class," but whose "heart was with the rich". Under such a circumstance, artists and…

Iran Sanctions May Hit European Firms, Boeing Hard
Staff | truthdig.com | 2018-05-09
Major companies could see billions of dollars in commercial deals canceled, although the ultimate impact remains unclear due to the possibility of renegotiations and exemptions, experts say. | The post Iran Sanctions May Hit European Firms, Boeing Hard appeared first on Truthdig: Expert Reporting, Current News, Provocative Columnists.

House dumps GOP anti-construction worker scheme, again
Mark Gruenberg | peoplesworld.org | 2018-05-09
WASHINGTON (PAI)–In what is a perennial battle, a bipartisan coalition of representatives once again defeated right wing Republican Steve King's scheme to cut construction workers' pay by dumping the Davis-Bacon Act. The 172-243 vote came during debate April 26 on legislation renewing the Federal Aviation Administration for another several years. Workers picked up another win …

House dumps GOP anti-construction worker scheme, again

Mnuchin Reveals Trump Hopes His Iran Gamble Can Score Him a New Deal
ZeroHedge.com | mintpressnews.com | 2018-05-09
Is Trump really willing to alienate countless European and world powers that will continue trading with Iran, especially since the latest sanctions cover every major aspect of Iran's economy? | The post Mnuchin Reveals Trump Hopes His Iran Gamble Can Score Him a New Deal appeared first on MintPress News.

Mnuchin Reveals Trump Hopes His Iran Gamble Can Score Him a New Deal

Tourism's Climate Footprint Soars
Staff | truthdig.com | 2018-05-09
Previous estimates of tourism's climate footprint have fallen far below the mark. Between 2009 and 2013 it increased four times more than earlier estimated, according to a comprehensive new study. | By 2013 the worldwide tourism industry was spilling an estimated 4.5 billion tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and contributing about 8% of global greenhouse gas emissions. World tourism is now growing faster than international trade. | Scientists from Australia, Taiwan and Indonesia who explored the link between leisure and global warming report in the journal Nature Climate Change how they calculated the carbon footprint of the tourism business, in what must be one of the most complex studies of the global holiday sector ever undertaken. | "Our analysis is a world-first look at the true cost of tourism — including consumables such as food from eating out and souvenirs…

U.S. Secret Military Operation in Yemen: A Perfect War Crime!
Massoud Nayeri | globalresearch.ca | 2018-05-09
After the tragedy of 9/11, the question of the U.S. military response to win the "War on Terror" in the Middle East and beyond was publicly discussed and justified by the elite in Washington. After the occupation of Afghanistan in …

Maryland 'Deplorables' Threaten Liberals with Armed Attack if Trump Is Impeached
AlterNet | alternet.org | 2018-05-09
The sign's owner reportedly agreed to change it after a conversation with the sheriff. | Maryland residents were disturbed when a billboard appeared on Solomons Island Road in Calvert County that seemed to threaten opponents of President Donald Trump with an armed insurrection. "Hey liberals," reads the billboard. "Better get your guns if you try to impeach President Trump. From all of your deplorables in Calvert County. "The Calvert County Sheriff's Office has reportedly been "flooded with phone calls" regarding the sign. "I hate that billboard," one woman said, explaining that it frightened her son. "I think it's very threatening. I don't like it at all. ""I'm a Republican but I think it's a little offensive," Kelly Mazzella offered. Fellow conservative Michelle Rinker said she "love[d]" the threatening billboard. The sign's owner will reportedly change the sign after he returns to town, following a discussion with the sheriff.

Winners and Losers From Tuesday's Primaries
truth-out.org | truth-out.org | 2018-05-09
Voters in West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana and North Carolina headed to the polls Tuesday to decide a number of key primaries. In West Virginia, the state's Republican Attorney General Patrick Morrisey won a closely watched US Senate primary, defeating US Rep. Evan Jenkins and former coal baron Don Blankenship. Blankenship had served a year in prison after 29 miners died in the 2010 Upper Big Branch Mine disaster. He faced intense criticism after releasing an ad attacking Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and his "China family." Patrick Morrisey will now face the conservative Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin in November. In Ohio, Richard Cordray defeated former Congressmember Dennis Kucinich in the state's Democratic primary for governor. Cordray served as the first director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. He will now face Mike DeWine in November to determine who will replace outgoing Ohio Governor…

Why Was a Whistleblower Advocate for US Spies Fired for Talking to Congress?
Kevin Gosztola | mintpressnews.com | 2018-05-09
A key United States intelligence whistleblower advocate, who worked in the Office of the Inspector General for the Intelligence Community (IG IC), was fired from his job by an ad-hoc board that was supported by no policy. One of the board members also had a substantial conflict of interest with the advocate. | April Stephenson, who was the acting inspector general for the Energy Department, was part of an executive review board that met in the IC IG's office on January 12. The board fired Dan Meyer, the head of the Whistleblower and Source Protection Program for the office, after he allegedly committed two "security infractions," including engaging in a "secret dialogue" with Congress. (Meyer learned of his removal in March.) | There is no directive that permits an ad-hoc board to be convened to fire an IG employee. | On October…

Why Was a Whistleblower Advocate for US Spies Fired for Talking to Congress?

Soldiers Steal 20.000 Shekels From Two Homes In Hebron
IMEMC News | imemc.org | 2018-05-09
Dozens of Israeli soldiers invaded, Wednesday, the homes of two Palestinians siblings in Hebron, in the southern part of the occupied West Bank, violently searched them and stole 20.000 Shekels, the WAFA Palestinian News Agency has reported. The soldiers invaded the homes of Abdul-Karim Rashid Abu Ramouz, and his brother, …

Thin Red Line: Flirting v Harassment
David Rosen | counterpunch.org | 2018-05-09
The New Yorker just dropped the dime on NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, reporting that four women have accused him of sexual and physical abuse. Two of the women, Michelle Manning Barish and Tanya Selvaratnam, publicly accused the prominent "progressive" of repeatedly hitting them, often after drinking, frequently in bed and never with their consent.

VIDEO — A Arte da Guerra. A Frota USA com 1.000 mísseis no Mediterrâneo
Manlio Dinucci | globalresearch.ca | 2018-05-09
A distribuiàßà£o estratégica do grupo naval do porta-aviàµes USS Harry S. Truman, interveio ao mesmo tempo que o bombardeio tripartido da Síria. Esta armada, incluindo uma fragata alemà£, acaba de entrar no Mediterrâneo com poder de fogo incomparável. Segundo a …

Healing a City Afflicted With Police Brutality: A Conversation With Oakland Activist Cat Brooks
truth-out.org | truth-out.org | 2018-05-09
You can tell a city's morals and values by what they put their money into, says Cat Brooks, co-founder of the Anti Police-Terror Project, executive director of the Justice Teams Network and mayoral candidate for Oakland, California. She discusses her work around police accountability and healing justice and the need to prioritize mental health and restorative justice over law enforcement.Cat Brooks, co-founder of the Anti Police-Terror Project and the executive director of the Justice Teams Network. (Photo: Pax Ahimsa Gethen / Flickr) | Welcome to Interviews for Resistance. We're now more than a year into the Trump administration, and activists have scored some important victories in those months. Yet there is always more to be done, and for many people, the question of where to focus and how to help remains. In this series, we talk with organizers, agitators and educators not…

Trump's "new deal for blacks" was dealt from the bottom of the deck
Jesse Jackson | peoplesworld.org | 2018-05-09
it doesn't count millions who have given up looking for work and have dropped out of the work force. Only if the economy continues to grow and unemployment continues to decline are we likely to see wages starting to improve. | The big problem, however, is that most of the jobs are simply lousy. Virtually all of the new jobs aren't secure–they are part-time, short-term contract jobs, with variable hours, few benefits, and low wages. Not surprisingly, African Americans are more likely to be caught in these kinds of jobs than whites are. | Like most Americans, African Americans find that the costs of what they need are rising faster than their wages are. Paychecks don't buy what their paychecks used to buy. Health care costs are exploding. College debt is now higher than credit card debt and auto debt. Housing costs are…

Trump’s “new deal for blacks” was dealt from the bottom of the deck

WATCH: Maryland Cop Kills Groundhog For 'Not Responding' to Orders
Dominique Jackson, Raw Story | alternet.org | 2018-05-09
The sheriff said that the groundhog was "causing vehicles to stop and creating a hazard. " | A Maryland police officer shot a groundhog that was blocking traffic, reports CBS News. The video first spread on Twitter and people were disgusted that the police would kill a harmless animal. Obviously the animal wasn't hurt. . looked more scared and disoriented. . doesn't this county or city have an animal control office that would have been more equipped to handle this defenseless animal? Shame on this officer. Should be charged w animal cruelty. — Dave Holmes (@CollinTaylorInc) May 8, 2018Warning, groundhogs: Carrol County police will shoot you dead if you do not comply with instructions. — Sean Gallagher of @ArsTechnica (@thepacketrat) May 8, 2018The sheriff said that the groundhog was "causing vehicles to stop and creating a hazard. "The department released this statement: "The deputy was traveling on. . .

Could Ida B. Wells Have Exposed Lynching on Your Newsfeed?
Laura Flanders | fair.org | 2018-05-09
If Ida B. Wells had depended on Facebook, would we ever have had a National Lynching Memorial? | Two stories collided in my head this week. One of which was the opening of the National Memorial for Peace and Justice in Montgomery, Alabama–this country's first major effort to confront the vast scope of the racial-terror lynchings that ravaged the black community under a pervasive, prevailing culture of white supremacy. It is the first because, until now, that same majority culture of white supremacy hasn't wanted to look. Ida B. Wells (photo: Mary Garrity) | At the memorial, a special place is set aside for Ida B. Wells, the crusading journalist who forced Americans to pay attention to these murders. Over a lifetime made shorter by repeated attacks, she documented and publicized the killings, collecting names, dates and descriptions. | She wrote editorials for…

Seattle Debates Business Tax for Homelessness
Staff | truthdig.com | 2018-05-09
SEATTLE–Seattle's latest tax proposal to combat homelessness takes aim at large businesses such as Amazon that have helped drive the city's economic boom. | But the measure has sparked intense debate — even shouting matches in otherwise reserved Seattle — over who should pay to solve the housing crisis exacerbated by that growth. | The City Council is proposing a tax on employee hours to raise about $75 million a year for affordable housing and homelessness services. Nearly 600 large employers making at least $20 million in gross revenues would pay about $500 a year per worker. | Amazon, the city's largest employer, would take the biggest hit. | Supporters insist the online retailer and others that have benefited from Seattle's prosperity and contributed to growing income inequality and skyrocketing rents can and should pay. | Businesses and others say the so-called head…

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