2018-05-12: News Headlines

Julia Conley (2018-05-12). Thousands Of Iranians Take To Streets, Enraged By 'Insane' US Foreign Policy. iranian.com Cities across Iran saw thousands of demonstrators pouring into the streets to express fury over President Donald Trump's violation and abandonment of the 2015 nuclear deal, negotiated by the Obama administration, Iranian officials, and several other world powers. twitter.com/ajplus/status/994925545065451520 Protesters in Tehran and other cities carried posters which read, "Mr. Trump, you are talking nonsense," as they echoed Iranian […]

Mina Jafari (2018-05-12). I Lived In Iran Under US Sanctions—Killing The Deal Is A Big Mistake. iranian.com I wasn't supposed to be American. But the 1979 Iranian revolution changed that. Instead, I was born and raised in the Washington, DC area. Six years ago, after graduating from the University of Maryland with a double major in Persian Studies and Government & Politics, I decided to move to Iran. Most of my friends […]

IMEMC News (2018-05-12). Army Injures Four Palestinians Near Ramallah. imemc.org Israeli soldiers injured, Friday, four young Palestinian men at the northern entrance of al-Biereh city, in the Ramallah and al-Biereh governorate in central West Bank. The soldiers attacked dozens of Palestinian protesters who marched at the northern entrance of the town, and fired live rounds, rubber-coated steel bullets and gas […]…

Ilana Novick (2018-05-12). CIA Torture Survivor Demands Answers From Gina Haspel. truthdig.com In 2004, Fatima Boudchar was kidnapped and held in a "black site" prison similar to the one run by Donald Trump's nominee for CIA director.

Ilana Novick (2018-05-12). Will Democrats' Last-Ditch Effort to Save 'Net Neutrality' Succeed? truthdig.com "Net neutrality" laws are set to expire June 11, the Federal Communications Commission announced Thursday, and now 12 Senate Democrats are staging a last-ditch effort to save them. | The Obama-era rules, enacted in 2015, aimed to create a free and open internet by preventing telecommunications companies from charging more for faster internet service, or otherwise privileging their own material or that of their advertisers online. If the rules are allowed to expire, companies will have "broad new power over how consumers can access the internet," Reuters notes. | In repealing the rules, the government is favoring the interests of giant telecoms over those of American consumers, effectively limiting the information they can consume based on their ability to pay for it. | Multiple state and federal officials have spoken against repeal. Barbara Underwood, the acting attorney general for New York, told Reuters…

Tehran Times (2018-05-12). Iran's Oldest Document On Cinema Unveiled. iranian.com Iran's oldest film document ever found was unveiled during a special ceremony at the Film Museum of Iran on Wednesday evening. The document is a decree issued by Qajar king Mozaffar ad-Din Shah (1853-1907) on February 11, 1900, in which he assigned the renowned royal photographer Mirza Ahmad Khan Sani os-Saltaneh the task of buying […]

wsws.org (2018-05-12). Lessons of the May—June 1968 general strike in France. wsws.org The following speech was delivered to the International Committee of the Fourth International's May Day 2018 International Online Rally by Alex Lantier, leader of the French section of the ICFI, the Parti de l'égalité socialiste, (PES) founded in November 2016.

wsws.org (2018-05-12). The downfall of New York attorney general Eric Schneiderman. wsws.org On the basis of a May 7 feature article in the New Yorker magazine, "Four Women Accuse New York's Attorney General of Physical Abuse," the twice-elected Schneiderman resigned as of the following day.

wsws.org (2018-05-12). Quebec's "Nurses on the Move" Facebook page bans WSWS reporters for criticizing unions. wsws.org "Nurses on the Move" banned the WSWS reporters because it feared their exposure of the unions' role in suppressing opposition to austerity would win wide support.

wsws.org (2018-05-12). Israeli army kills one, wounds hundreds during latest round of Gaza protests. wsws.org The Gaza Health Ministry reported that among the hundreds who were wounded in the attack on unarmed, peaceful protestors, 143 were shot with live ammunition.

wsws.org (2018-05-12). Anti-migrant measures and the assault on workers' jobs and living standards: Two sides of the same class policy. wsws.org Julie Hyland, assistant national secretary of the Socialist Equality Party (UK), the British section of the International Committee of the Fourth International, delivered the following speech to the ICFI's Online May Day Rally. She has been a leading member of the IC for more than 30 years.

wsws.org (2018-05-12). Plymouth, New Hampshire electrical workers strike to defend pensions. wsws.org After a near-unanimous strike vote, electrical linemen and warehouse workers at the New Hampshire Electric Cooperative are on strike to defend their pensions.

wsws.org (2018-05-12). Lega and Five Star Movement prepare a joint government in Italy. wsws.org In Italy, the right-wing extremist Lega and the Five Star protest movement are negotiating the formation of a joint government. A result is expected at the beginning of next week.

wsws.org (2018-05-12). North Carolina police officer assaults man at Waffle House. wsws.org The latest incident of brutality caught on video is part of the systematic violence meted out by police to workers across the country…

RT (2018-05-12). 'They're trying to kill him': Pamela Anderson wants Kanye's help to free Assange. rt.com Actress-turned-activist Pamela Anderson has become one of the most vocal allies for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, and now she wants Kanye West's help in setting him free.

wsws.org (2018-05-12). Kanye West on slavery, Trump: Ignorance and the self-deluding influence of wealth. wsws.org West's disoriented statements and actions are in keeping with a persona that has been cultivated and praised in the press, including by the "left," for over a decade and a half.

wsws.org (2018-05-12). Eruption of Hawaii's Kilauea volcano continues into second week. wsws.org At least 1,700 residents have been forced to evacuate their homes as the island has been rocked by a series of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions over the past week.

amnesty.org (2018-05-12). Colombian Human Rights Defenders Need Protection. amnesty.org

wsws.org (2018-05-12). Open letter to the moderators of the Facebook page "Nurses on the Move" wsws.org

wsws.org (2018-05-12). Ecuador hints it may hand over Julian Assange to Britain and the US. wsws.org There is almost universal and reprehensible silence on the part of organisations and individuals that once claimed to defend Assange and WikiLeaks.

wsws.org (2018-05-12). Costa Rican president threatens workers with renewed social attacks during inaugural address. wsws.org Alvarado, a former local marketing executive for the transnational P&G, delivered the kind of "talk" normally given by a tactless manager to workers facing a mass layoff.

wsws.org (2018-05-12). Amid political warfare in Washington, Trump steps up his fascistic appeal. wsws.org In a series of rallies in the industrial Midwest, Trump is spreading the poison of economic nationalism and anti-immigrant racism.

wsws.org (2018-05-12). The Ford Flat Rock accident and the fraud of UAW-management safety oversight. wsws.org The continuing erosion of safety and work conditions in US auto plants underscores the fact that joint union-management safety programs protect no one except the corporate stockholders.

wsws.org (2018-05-12). Workers Struggles: Asia, Australia and the Pacific. wsws.org The World Socialist Web Site invites workers and other readers to contribute to this regular feature.

RT (2018-05-12). Meet NASA's robot helicopter of Mars (VIDEO). rt.com A robot helicopter will fly the skies of Mars as part of the 2020 mission, NASA has announced, hoping to replicate the success of the Wright brothers on the red planet.

wsws.org (2018-05-12). New Zealand government boosts foreign aid for "Pacific Reset" wsws.org The increased spending is aimed at pushing back against growing Chinese influence in the region.

wsws.org (2018-05-12). The referendum at SNCF: The unions seek to strangle French rail strike. wsws.org The referendum on Macron's reforms being prepared by the unions for May 14-21 represents a dead-end for railway workers.

Human Rights Watch (2018-05-12). Britain Should use Erdogan Visit to Speak out on Human Rights. hrw.org Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan meets with Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May at the Presidential Palace in Ankara, Turkey, January 28, 2017. | © 2017 Reuters | Despite the sharp deterioration in human rights under his leadership, Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdoƒüan, is being accorded a state visit to Britain next week, including a meeting with Prime Minister Theresa May and with the Queen. Undoubtedly, May would prefer the discussion focus on investment, trade, and Syria, but the scale of repression underway in Turkey makes it impossible to ignore. She should use the moment to urge an end to the Turkish government's brutal crackdown on opponents and critics. | The visit comes ahead of presidential and parliamentary elections on June 24 in which Erdogan seeks to renew his mandate with greatly enhanced powers. The elections…

wsws.org (2018-05-12). US steps up pressure on Iran with new round of sanctions. wsws.org Announced the same day as Israel launched its largest-ever direct assault on Iranian infrastructure in Syria, the sanctions mark a further step by US imperialism in the direction of an all-out military confrontation with Iran.

wsws.org (2018-05-12). How Jacobin and the ISO assisted in the betrayal of the Arizona teachers' strike. wsws.org Both organizations played a critical role in the sellout of the strike of tens of thousands of teachers by the Arizona Education Association and Arizona Educators United.

Juliana Gonàßalves (2018-05-12). Quase 9 mil cartas de presos — a destinatários como Temer e STF — expàµem os horrores do cárcere. theintercept.com Correspondências de presos expàµem abuso de autoridade, violência física e psicológica, falta de acesso a saúde, educaàßà£o e assistência médica.

wsws.org (2018-05-12). Claire Kober: From Labour leader of London's Haringey Council to property developer. wsws.org The evolution of Claire Kober shows that Labour's enthusiastic embrace of privatisation is the basis for lucrative careers for Labour politicians once they leave elected office.

wsws.org (2018-05-12). Colorado Democrats slash teacher and public employee pensions. wsws.org The cuts have been enabled by the unions, which shut down mass walkouts last month and are isolating the ongoing teacher strike in Pueblo.

Cody Fenwick, AlterNet (2018-05-11). Here's Why Trump Doesn't Fight Back Against Stormy Daniels' Lawyer. alternet.org Trump prides himself on going after his critics — but he leaves Michael Avenatti alone. | Michael Avenatti has become a near-ubiquitous presence on cable news in recent weeks and months, so much so that speculation has inevitably arisen suggesting he may get his own network show. This week he even broke a major story in his own right, revealing that President Donald Trump's lawyer Michael Cohen used a shell company since the election to take payments from major companies, including one backed by a Russian oligarch. But while Avenatti attracts substantial attention and has created serious problems for the president, Trump largely ignores the media-savvy attorney. Since Trump prides himself on "counterpunching" and going after his critics, it is suspicious that he remains silent on the man representing Stephanie Clifford, who is better known as Stormy Daniels. Clifford is suing Trump and Cohen. . .

Kerry Eleveld, Daily Kos (2018-05-11). House Republicans Want to Straight-Up 'Break' the Actual System of Law Itself. alternet.org They're trying to dismantle the legal system. | House Republicans are attacking the Department of Justice and by extension the special counsel's Russia probe on so many fronts it's impossible to keep track. Freedom Caucus chair Mark Meadows's new tact is to push for a federal audit of Robert Mueller under the guise of oversight in order to get an unredacted copy of the "scope memo," which lays out the boundaries of his Russia investigation. The Washington Post writes: Meadows, speaking Thursday during a taping of C-SPAN's "Newsmakers" that is to air Sunday, said he believed the audit is required under federal law and could not be completed without an unredacted copy of the memo written in August 2017 by Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein. [. . . ]Meadows and fellow Freedom Caucus member Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) has pushed for weeks to. . .

Barry Barnett (2018-05-11). An Urgent Appeal to Try Preventing War. counterpunch.org Of all the "mistakes" that Donald Trump has made since being selected president (not elected — see articles, books and films by Greg Palast, Harvey Wasserman and myself on how the Republican Party, Robert Mercer and others stole the 2016 election for Trump — not any Russians), the withdrawal of the United States from the More

Mel Gurtov (2018-05-11). Breaking the Iran Deal: The Delusion of Victory. counterpunch.org Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has undoubtedly been sipping champagne these days in celebration of his successful effort to lobby Donald Trump over the Iran nuclear deal. Netanyahu's crude interventions to change US policy had been rebuffed by President Obama, but in Trump Netanyahu found a similarly singleminded partner who cannot see the long-term security problems More

Juan Cole (2018-05-11). Why There Isn't Likely To Be A Conventional War Between Israel And Iran. iranian.com It is understandable that observers are alarmed about an Iran-Israel conflict in the aftermath of the violation by Trump of the 2015 Iranian nuclear enrichment treaty. Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu worked hard to undermine the treaty in the US, using cut-outs such as allegedly corrupt casino mogul Sheldon Adelson, who bought the Republican Party […]

truth-out.org (2018-05-11). Trump Isn't the First US President to Betray Iran. truth-out.org Donald Trump announces the withdrawal of the United States from the Iran nuclear deal during a "Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action" event in the Diplomatic Reception Room of the White House on Tuesday, May 8, 2018, in Washington, DC. (Photo: Jabin Botsford / The Washington Post via Getty Images) | Citing previous betrayals from Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, hardliners in Iran warned against the signing of the nuclear deal, saying the US was destined to break the agreement. Now, with Trump's latest betrayal, their prediction has come true. The US withdrawal plays into the Iranian hardliners' argument that the United States is inherently opposed to Iran, and that Iran's actions and policies do not affect this reality.Donald Trump announces the withdrawal of the United States from the Iran nuclear deal during a "Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action" event in the Diplomatic…

Joseph Natoli (2018-05-11). That's the Problem: Nothing Proves Anything. counterpunch.org We are out of the Iran nuclear deal because nothing anyone said to President Trump proved anything to him. We saw this on day one when no amount of visual and statistical proof could convince him that he did not have the largest crowd in inauguration history but about one third of what he claimed. More

Jeremy Sherman, AlterNet (2018-05-11). Here's Why Self-Indulgent Libertarian Hypocrisy Knows No Bounds. alternet.org A window into a tempting tendency in human nature. | I once had a conversation with a libertarian friend who insisted that freedom was the answer to everything, ironic since he was getting married the following week. "Freedom to have sex with others while married? " I asked. "Of course not," he said. "Freedom for your children to do whatever they want? ""No, that's different," he said. "Freedom for everyone to have a nuclear bomb? ""No, that wouldn't be good. ""Freedom for people to steal? ""No, that has to be controlled. ""You don't really think that freedom is the answer to everything," I said. "The real question is what to constrain and what to let go free. The question in social engineering is the question in all engineering. It's a question of tolerances: What to constrain with tight tolerances and what to let run free with loose tolerances. That question is. . .

Cody Fenwick, AlterNet (2018-05-11). Trump May Have Already Triggered a Cyberwar with Iran: Report. alternet.org Many people warned against Trump's decision to violate the Iran deal. | Iran already redirected its cyberwarfare tactics within a day of President Donald Trump's announcement that he would no longer abide by the multilateral agreement meant to prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon, according to a new report from the New York Times. These moves could foreshadow increasing tensions between the two countries in the wake of the destruction of the deal, as many had warned. Reporter Nicole Perlroth found that the security firm CrowdStrike reported an increase in Iranian cyberattacks targeting diplomats of American allies following the announcement. These attacks included sending malware to "diplomats who work in the foreign affairs offices of United States allies and employees at telecommunications companies in an attempt to infiltrate their computer systems," the report said. The report also found that Iranian hackers have. . .

David Krieger (2018-05-11). Violating the Iran Deal: Playing With Nuclear Fire. counterpunch.org President Trump has demonstrated yet again why he lacks the understanding, intelligence and temperament to be president of the United States. By violating the Iran nuclear deal, he is undermining the security of the U.S., our allies and the world. There are many good reasons that the U.S. should have remained in the agreement, but More

Tarek Dika (2018-05-11). The Coming American Assault On Iran. iranian.com The new American strategy on Iran is to dismantle the nuclear deal and lay the groundwork for a military strike against Iran's nuclear facilities. Mike Pompeo, Trump's most recent Secretary of State, recently visited Saudi Arabia and Israel, and in both countries he focused almost exclusively on Iran. As yesterday's early morning bombing of Iranian targets in […]

Wim Laven (2018-05-11). Dangerous Fallout when Trump Blows Up Deals. counterpunch.org Trump's detonation of the Iran Deal is a monumental disaster. On the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (the Iran Deal), dozens of retired generals and admirals, in an open letter, said: "There is no better option to prevent an Iranian nuclear weapon … Military action would be less effective than the deal, assuming it is More

Patrick Cockburn (2018-05-11). If Europe Wants to Remain on the World Stage, It Must Resist Trump on Iran. counterpunch.org "Iraq is at the muzzle of the gun," says Ali Allawi, Iraqi historian and former minister, speaking of the increased turmoil expected to follow the US withdrawal from the Iran nuclear agreement. It is not only Iraq which is in danger: an escalating confrontation between the US and Iran will affect the whole region, but More

INA (2018-05-11). Who Hired an Israeli Spy Firm to Tarnish the Iran Deal? imemc.org Trita Parsi was targeted as part of Black Cube's spy operations against Obama officials involved in the Iran nuclear deal. With evidence pointing to the Trump camp's role, Parsi says that Congress should investigate. | TRNN video & transcript:…

Jim Naureckas (2018-05-11). Who's Reacting to Iran Deal Pull-Out? Why, It's Women in Chadors, Walking Past Anti-US Mural. fair.org Adam Johnson (FAIR.org, 10/21/17) called the "Woman in Chador Walks by Anti-US Mural" image "one of the most overused and toxic stock photos." Documenting its ubiquity in online US coverage of Iran, Johnson argued that the cliche photo of "one or two Iranian women clad in black chadors, faces usually barely visible, walking past a mural of the Statute of Liberty with a skull face" was intended "to lazily tie together US-bashing and perceived subjugation of women, reinforcing the image of Iran as a country defined by misogyny and seething hate for the West." | Iran is big in the news now, as the Trump administration pulls out of the multinational agreement about Iran's nuclear energy program and generally tries to ramp up hostility toward Tehran (FAIR.org, 5/9/18). And so we're once again seeing a raft of news reports illustrated with…

truth-out.org (2018-05-11). Bernie Sanders Has a Sweeping Plan to Expand Union Rights and Workplace Democracy. truth-out.org On Wednesday, Sen. Bernie Sanders introduced sweeping legislation that would dramatically expand labor rights and has already been endorsed by many progressive Democrats. Known as the Workplace Democracy Act, the legislation makes it easier for workers to join unions, speed up contract negotiations, roll back "right to work" laws and clamp down on union-busting tactics by employers.Sen. Bernie Sanders speaks during a rally in Washington, DC, to save the Department of Veterans Affairs on February 13, 2018. (Photo: AFGE) | The fight to expand democratic control over the workplace just received a major shot in the arm. | On Wednesday, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) introduced sweeping legislation that would dramatically expand labor rights, making it easier for workers to join unions, speed up contract negotiations, roll back "right to work" laws and clamp down on union-busting tactics by employers. | The legislation,…

IMEMC News (2018-05-11). Soldiers Injure A Palestinian With An Expanding Bullet Near Ramallah. imemc.org Israeli soldiers shot, on Friday afternoon, a young Palestinian man with an expanding bullet in his leg, and caused dozens to suffer the effects of teargas inhalation, at the northern entrance of the al-Biereh city, in central West Bank. The army fired many live rounds, rubber-coated steel bullets and gas […]…

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