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The Korean Massacre the U.S. Needs to Apologize For
Geoffrey Fattig | mintpressnews.com | 2018-05-15

| Singapore has been chosen to host the unlikely summit between U.S. president Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in early June. The choice for the summit venue went against Trump's preference for the meeting to take place at the Peace House in Panmunjeom, where the world had been captivated just weeks before by the amicable scenes of Kim walking hand-in-hand across the Military Demarcation line with South Korean President Moon Jae-in. | Given that Panmunejom embodies of the division of the Korean Peninsula, it is regrettable that U.S. and North Korean negotiators opted for the southeast Asian city-state instead. This is because the root of the nuclear issue stems largely from the decision by American military officers to divide the Peninsula at the 38th Parallel in the aftermath of World War…

The Korean Massacre the U.S. Needs to Apologize For

Trump / Israel Collusion on Syria
Renee Parsons | counterpunch.org | 2018-05-15
Considering the sequence of recent events in the Middle East, it is obvious that the circumstances regarding the US withdrawal from the nuclear accord with Iran were carefully thought out in advance, as a pre-arranged strategy to pave the way for escalating Israel's conflict with Iran and the war in Syria. In presenting their own self-serving narrative…

In the Middle East, All Sides are Staring at Each Other With Increasing Concern
Robert Fisk | counterpunch.org | 2018-05-15
In the West, it's easy to concentrate on each daily drama about the Middle East and forget the world in which the real people of the region live. The latest ravings of the American president on the Iran nuclear agreement — mercifully, at last, firmly opposed by the EU — obscure the lands of mass…

Professional Anti-LGBT Bigot Tony Perkins Appointed to U.S. Religious Freedom Commission
David Badash, The New Civil Rights Movement | alternet.org | 2018-05-15
The independent body has a history of advancing the agenda of America's Evangelical Christian movement. | Family Research Council president Tony Perkins has just been appointed to a two-year term on a federal government commission tasked with investigating and reporting on international religious freedoms violations. Perkins will be a commissioner on the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom ( USCIRF), an independent body that has a history of advancing the agenda of America's Evangelical Christian movement. U. S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) made the appointment of Perkins to the USCIRF, according to a statement from FRC. Perkins for decades has headed the Family Research Council, a far right wing faith-based organization that appears on the Southern Poverty Law Center's list of active anti-gay hate groups. He and his organization have a long history of spreading false information about LGBTQ people. Related Stories: Media Outlets Are Having Trouble Keeping Up with Hate Crime Reports in Trump EraMeet the Wildly Bigoted Pastor Trump Sent to Jerusalem to Open the New EmbassyCNN Reveals Michael Cohen's Blatant Lie About Trump Ties to Russia…

Is Netanyahu Playing a Geopolitical Chess Game to Drive a Wedge Between Russia and Syria?
Whitney Webb | mintpressnews.com | 2018-05-15
Was Putin's alleged "green lighting" of Israeli missile strikes on Syria an intentional ploy on the part of Netanyahu to spread distrust between the Russia, Syria, and Iran? | The post Is Netanyahu Playing a Geopolitical Chess Game to Drive a Wedge Between Russia and Syria? appeared first on MintPress News.

Is Netanyahu Playing a Geopolitical Chess Game to Drive a Wedge Between Russia and Syria?

Judge Slaps Down Paul Manafort's Challenge to Mueller Indictment: 'Falls Squarely' Within His Authority
Cody Fenwick, AlterNet | alternet.org | 2018-05-15
The judge made it clear that the scope of special counsel Robert Mueller's authority is wide. | U. S. District Judge Amy Jackson on Tuesday denied President Donald Trump's one-time campaign chairman Paul Manafort in his request to dismiss the charges brought against him by the special counsel. Jackson ordered that Robert Mueller's authority under the special counsel guidelines is wide enough to cover investigation of Manafort, given he was Trump's campaign chairman. She cites the instructions drafted for Mueller by Deputy Attorney Rod Rosenstein, which instruct the special counsel to investigate "any links and/or coordination between the Russian government and individuals associated with the campaign. "She writes: Manafort was, at one time, not merely "associated with," but the chairman of, the Presidential campaign, and his work on behalf of the Russia-backed Ukrainian political party and connections to other Russian figures are matters of public record.

Israel Facing Backlash Over Gaza Violence
Staff | truthdig.com | 2018-05-15
Turkey expels Israel's ambassador, Ireland and Belgium summon their Israeli envoys and leading European countries and the U.N. human rights office call for an investigation of the bloodshed. | The post Israel Facing Backlash Over Gaza Violence appeared first on Truthdig: Expert Reporting, Current News, Provocative Columnists.

New farm bill contains sneak attack on environment with toxic pesticides
Derrick Z. Jackson | peoplesworld.org | 2018-05-15

New farm bill contains sneak attack on environment with toxic pesticides

'You've Got to Get Rid of This Man': Rolling Stones' Keith Richards Says Trump Was The Last Reason He Got Angry
Elizabeth Preza, AlterNet | alternet.org | 2018-05-15
"You Can't Always Get What You Want," especially when you're dealing with Trump. | The last time Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards got mad involved Donald Trump–and the legendary rock star stabbed a table in rage. Richards recounted the anecdote to BBC's Radio 4 Today, telling the program it occurred when Trump was the band's promoter during the 1989 Steels Wheels tour. "You've got to get rid of this man! " he remembered saying, explaining Trump was the band's promoter in Atlantic City. "It was 'Donald Trump presents the Rolling Stones' in miniature," Richards recalled. "We never have much to do with promoters usually, but this one got me," he said. "That was the last time I got angry. I pulled out my trusty blade, stuck it in the table and said, 'You've got to get rid of this man! "'"Now America has to get rid. . .

How Iran And Muslims Saved Jews When Rome Excluded Them From Jerusalem
Juan Cole | iranian.com | 2018-05-15
The move of the Trump administration of the US embassy to Jerusalem is intended, according to the president, to signal a recognition of the reality that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. This move is controversial because Israel's sovereignty over Jerusalem is not recognized in international law. The 1947 partition plan suggested in the UN […] | The post How Iran And Muslims Saved Jews When Rome Excluded Them From Jerusalem appeared first on The Iranian.

Trump Seriously Follows Pence Around Just to Make Sure VP Doesn't Get More Media Attention
Kerry Eleveld, Daily Kos | alternet.org | 2018-05-15
The president's schedule is primarily about adulation. | If anyone ever harbored the notion that Donald Trump's travel schedule had anything to do with international diplomacy or even helping the Republican party through the midterms, forget about it. The chief motivation behind public appearances of the pettiest and most pitiful of all presidents primarily revolves around making sure he upstages his vice president, Mike Pence. When Pence was slated to keynote the National Rifle Association convention that Trump never even planned on attending, for instance, Trump suddenly wanted in, writes Politico. That led to a change of plans in the West Wing, according to two people familiar with the arrangement, and nearly a week after the NRA announced Pence would speak, the president was added to the schedule to speak moments after Pence. It wasn't the first time Trump has changed his. . .

70 Years of Nakba: Where Can Palestinians Go from Here?
Al-Shabaka | imemc.org | 2018-05-15
by Amal Ahmad, Irene Calis, Haidar Eid, Razi Nabulse May 15, 2018 The Palestinian people have perhaps never been more in need of a forward-looking vision to shape their struggle. In facing the 70thanniversary of the Nakba, or catastrophe and the creation of Israel, on May 15, they also face a myriad of circumstances …

It's Not Our Job to Understand 'Trump Voters&#039
Dartagnan, Daily Kos | alternet.org | 2018-05-15
All of these objects of our concern are male, most often white male. But they are no longer the majority, and that's the point. | Rebecca Solnit, whom the New York Times once tagged as the "Voice of the Resistance" (I'm not sure the "Resistance" has a single, or even a particular "voice," but be that as it may. . . ) is an American writer and contributing Editor at Harper's magazine. This past month she wrote an essay for the Literary Hub which correctly flags one of the most persistent and pernicious myths propagated by the media and other cultural markers in this country–that there is a hardscrabble, homespun "Real America" out there that we as liberals need to be paying more attention to. That this explains why we liberals fail to connect with the needs and outlooks of those who occupy. . .

Bloody Gina is the Nice Lady Who Lives Next Door
Tom Clark | counterpunch.org | 2018-05-15
Just think about it. This woman is in charge of torturing you. And this is her. The real her. With this sick grim little I swallowed your goldfish smile. She says she is just a normal middle class American. Like, no big deal, right? This makes things a whole lot worse, you're thinking. She's torturing…

Sports-Bet Ruling May Help Sanctuary Cities
Staff | truthdig.com | 2018-05-15
The Supreme Court's robust reading of the 10th Amendment and a limit on the power to force states go along with Washington's wishes could spell trouble for the Trump administration. | The post Sports-Bet Ruling May Help Sanctuary Cities appeared first on Truthdig: Expert Reporting, Current News, Provocative Columnists.

New Poor People's Campaign launches coast to coast in 37 states
Mark Gruenberg | peoplesworld.org | 2018-05-15
WASHINGTON–Callie Greer knew how to get a crowd's attention: She wailed for her dead daughter, killed by poverty in the state of Alabama. The Selma resident brought her grief, symbolizing that of tens of thousands of mothers nationwide whose children die because their families lack enough money to live on, to the launch of the …

New Poor People’s Campaign launches coast to coast in 37 states

Hizbollah's Victory and the U.S.-Iran Conflict
Gary Leupp | counterpunch.org | 2018-05-15
Among the things that the Iran deal critics demand is a broader, better deal that curbs ballistic missile construction and prevents Iran from supporting "terrorists." The media never questions the proposition that Iran in fact supports such people. Who are these terrorists? Hizbollah in Lebanon tops the list. (Hamas is usually next, and then the Houthis of Yemen, the Shiite militias in Iraq, the Syrian Arab Army, etc. Even the Revolutionary Guards a division of the Iranian military, is listed by the State Department as a "terrorist organization.")…

The Real Syria: Constitutional, Non-Sectarian, Resistant
Steven Sahiounie | mintpressnews.com | 2018-05-15
If any country, including the U.S., had armed terrorists embedded in neighborhoods, and holding civilians hostage for years, and targeting unarmed civilians constantly, it too would be using its own military and security forces to fight the terrorists in order to liberate the captive civilians. | The post The Real Syria: Constitutional, Non-Sectarian, Resistant appeared first on MintPress News.

The Real Syria: Constitutional, Non-Sectarian, Resistant

Media Can Tell Readers Who's Killing Whom–When They Want To
Jim Naureckas | fair.org | 2018-05-15
If you've been noticing the headlines about Israeli forces killing Palestinian protesters that seem carefully designed to avoid mentioning who's doing the killing, you may be wondering: Is that how media always do it? The answer is no: Journalists know very well how to include the identity of the killers in the headline–when they think that's information that's important for the reader to know. | As in Syria (New York Times, 3/25/11): | Or Myanmar (New York Times, 1/17/18): | In Senegal (AP, 1/30/12): | | And in India (AP, 5/6/18): | I can't say there aren't some signs of improvement in Gaza coverage, though–uneven though they may be. On Twitter ( 5/14/18), BuzzFeed's Elamin Abdelmahmoud juxtaposed two of the more obfuscatory headlines: (National Post, 5/14/18) (Toronto Star, 5/14/18) | Abdelmahmoud contrasted this with the same…

Trump's Plan to "Liberate the Country from Opioids" Instead Liberates Big Pharma from Oversight
Whitney Webb | mintpressnews.com | 2018-05-15
Ironically, it will be the areas of the country that voted Trump into power that are set to suffer the most from Trump's decision to keep the DEA toothless, suggesting that Trump cares more about protecting corporate profits than protecting his base. | The post Trump's Plan to "Liberate the Country from Opioids" Instead Liberates Big Pharma from Oversight appeared first on MintPress News.

Trump’s Plan to “Liberate the Country from Opioids” Instead Liberates Big Pharma from Oversight

Laborers' O'Sullivan: "No single answer' to funding U.S. infrastructure needs
Mark Gruenberg | peoplesworld.org | 2018-05-15
WASHINGTON–Saying "there's no single answer" to funding U.S. infrastructure needs, Laborers President Terry O'Sullivan endorsed a variety of approaches — some pushed by GOP President Donald Trump and Congress' ruling Republicans and others long-time union and Democratic favorites — to raising funds to rebuild the nation's crumbling roads, bridges, subways, airports and bus systems. O'Sullivan …

Laborers’ O’Sullivan: “No single answer’ to funding U.S. infrastructure needs

An Empire of Nothing? The U.S. Military Takes Us Through the Gates of Hell
Tom Engelhardt, TomDispatch | alternet.org | 2018-05-15
The costs of America's wars, still spreading in the Trump era, are incalculable. | [This essay is the introduction to Tom Engelhardt's new book, A Nation Unmade by War, a Dispatch Book published by Haymarket Books. ]As I was putting the finishing touches on my new book, the Costs of War Project at Brown University's Watson Institute published an estimate of the taxpayer dollars that will have gone into America's war on terror from September 12, 2001, through fiscal year 2018. That figure: a cool $5. 6 trillion (including the future costs of caring for our war vets). On average, that's at least $23,386 per taxpayer. Keep in mind that such figures, however eye-popping, are only the dollar costs of our wars. They don't, for instance, include the psychic costs to the Americans mangled in one way or another in those never-ending conflicts.

Rejection of Gerrymandering in Ohio Suggests the US Wants Fairer Elections
truth-out.org | truth-out.org | 2018-05-15
Last week's primary elections drew a lot of interest, primarily because of some high-profile races for US senator in West Virginia and governor in Ohio. But a little-known ballot measure approved by the voters in Ohio may have greater long-term political effects. | The measure, which passed with an overwhelming 75 percent of the vote, aims to curtail gerrymandering in drawing Ohio's congressional districts. | Ohio is known to have one of the most gerrymandered congressional maps in the nation. In 2011, Republicans controlled the state legislature and the governor's office when it came time to redraw congressional district maps. They used powerful computer modeling to create districts precisely shaped to ensure that Republicans would win the maximum number of congressional seats. Their gerrymander worked. In the 2012 election, Republicans won only 52 percent of the votes cast for the US congress,…

Shift in U.S. Policies Triggers Concern in Mideast
Staff | truthdig.com | 2018-05-15
As a former State Department and Pentagon official describes it, "Traditionally we've tried to play a role of fireman in the Middle East. Now we're playing the role of arsonist." | The post Shift in U.S. Policies Triggers Concern in Mideast appeared first on Truthdig: Expert Reporting, Current News, Provocative Columnists.

UN Observer Calls for Probe into Israeli Crimes in Gaza as US Blocks UNSC Statement
INA | imemc.org | 2018-05-15
Permanent observer to the UN, Riyad Mansour, Tuesday, called for a transparent and independent investigation into the deadly violence in the Gaza Strip, and said that Palestinians will endorse the results of the investigation in advance. He told the 15 members of the Security Council that Israel is the main …

U.S. Turns Screws on Top Iranian Bankers
Staff | truthdig.com | 2018-05-15
The Trump administration designates Valiollah Seif, head of Iran's central bank, a terrorist and says it will impose worldwide sanctions on anyone doing business with him. | The post U.S. Turns Screws on Top Iranian Bankers appeared first on Truthdig: Expert Reporting, Current News, Provocative Columnists.

The Death of Fair Trade
Jack Random | counterpunch.org | 2018-05-15
Much has been said on trade policy since Donald Trump became leader of the free world. Trump boldly pulled out of the Trans Pacific Partnership — which of course never was ratified and never took effect. He announced that NAFTA and CAFTA were dead and promptly pulled back from that position by suggesting that everything…

Seattle to Tax Big Companies to Help the Homeless
Staff | truthdig.com | 2018-05-15
The debate over who should pay to solve a housing crisis exacerbated by Seattle's rapid economic growth comes after weeks of tense exchanges with businesses such as Starbucks and Amazon. | The post Seattle to Tax Big Companies to Help the Homeless appeared first on Truthdig: Expert Reporting, Current News, Provocative Columnists.

Trump and Corporate America Are Dead Serious About Plans to Conquer Outer Space
Elliott Gabriel | mintpressnews.com | 2018-05-15
Like any military effort, the establishment of the U.S. Armed Forces in space is meant to ensure the expansion of capital, the protection of corporate property and investments on or off the globe. | The post Trump and Corporate America Are Dead Serious About Plans to Conquer Outer Space appeared first on MintPress News.

Trump and Corporate America Are Dead Serious About Plans to Conquer Outer Space

Lawsuit: Trump uses census citizenship question to raise campaign cash
Mark Gruenberg | peoplesworld.org | 2018-05-15

Lawsuit: Trump uses census citizenship question to raise campaign cash

North Korea Threatens to Abandon Summit With Trump Over U.S.-South Korea Military Drills
Cody Fenwick, AlterNet | alternet.org | 2018-05-15
The regime has already suspended talks with South Korea, according to multiple reports. | President Donald Trump's planned meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un may be in peril as the regime has reportedly abandoned talks with South Korea and is threatening to scuttle the summit with the United States over ongoing military drills. Talks between North and South Korea were planned for Wednesday, local time, but the South Korean outlet Yonhap reports that those meetings were abruptly canceled Wednesday morning. North Korea's state-run media reportedly called the joint U. S. -South Korean military drills a provocation, despite the fact that the continuation of these operations had been reported as a precondition of further talks by the South Korean national security adviser in March. Because of these "provocations," the North Korean regime may cancel the summit planned with Trump, which has been widely hailed. . .

Burlington, Vermont, Says "No" to F-35s, Setting Off a Chain Reaction
truth-out.org | truth-out.org | 2018-05-15
Citing concerns over crashes and an environmental impact statement showing the health dangers posed by noise pollution, citizens of Burlington voted to cancel the basing of 18 F-35 fighter bombers near their city. Following the vote, city councils in three towns affected by the proposal passed resolutions against the basing, despite a massive campaign by Vermont's political establishment to host the aircraft.Politicians and developers are pushing for the F-35s over the objections of citizens who will be affected by them. (Photo: Robert Sullivan / Flickr) | Truthout readers like you made this story possible. Show your support for independent news: Make a tax-deductible donation today! | The F-35 fighter bomber is screamingly loud. The US Air Force also says that the F-35 has a high crash rate. A Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division report describes releases of toxic, carcinogenic…

For Palestinians, New US Embassy Is a Symbol for Gaza Protests, but Mass Oppression Is Root Cause
truth-out.org | truth-out.org | 2018-05-15
While the Israeli military was carrying out a massacre against Palestinian protesters in Gaza, senior members of the Trump administration gathered in Jerusalem for the opening of the US Embassy. Among those who attended were President Trump's daughter, White House senior adviser Ivanka Trump; her husband, senior adviser Jared Kushner; and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin. The Trump administration's decision to move the US Embassy to Jerusalem has sparked widespread condemnation, including in the city of Jerusalem itself, where demonstrators gathered Monday to protest the ceremony. For more, we speak with Budour Hassan, a Palestinian writer and project coordinator for the Jerusalem Center for Legal Aid and Human Rights. | TRANSCRIPT: | AMY GOODMAN: Stay with us, as we turn now to Budour Hassan. We've lost her on satellite in Jerusalem, but I think we have her on the phone, Palestinian writer and project…

American Jews Stand Against the US Embassy Move and Israel's Mass Killing of Protesters in Gaza
JVFP | mintpressnews.com | 2018-05-15
WASHINGTON — As the ceremony to open the U.S. Embassy in Jerusalem is taking place, Israeli military forces are killing Palestinian protesters in Gaza. In moving the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, U.S. President Trump is cementing the U.S. — Israeli partnership to annex Jerusalem and further repress Palestinian rights. | "This is the ongoing Nakba," said Rebecca Vilkomerson, Executive Director of Jewish Voice for Peace. "The celebration of annexation, even as Palestinians — the vast majority of whom are refugees — are being gunned down simply for protesting for their basic rights to live in dignity and freedom, could not illustrate more clearly the continuing catastrophe that Israel is imposing on Palestinians. Still worse, it's doing so with the full collusion of the U.S." | The scenes of celebration at the new embassy, even as Israeli military forces use deadly violence against protesting…

American Jews Stand Against the US Embassy Move and Israel’s Mass Killing of Protesters in Gaza

Fox & Friends Whines That The View Was 'Mean' to Tomi Lahren After Joy Behar Called Out Her Racist Hypocrisy
Travis Gettys, Raw Story | alternet.org | 2018-05-15
Tomi Lahren said that America doesn't want immigrants with "low skills," but pointing out that's her exact family history is "mean. " | Fox News contributor Tomi Lahren lashed out at her critics after a genealogist revealed the conservative pundit's family was made up of the same type of immigrants she now wants to ban. Lahren's ancestors from Norway and Germany arrived with few skills and spoke their native tongues for decades, according to research conducted by journalist Jennifer Mendelsohn. "One woman over the weekend who took it upon herself to research my family history in hopes of digging up some kind of a 'gotcha' moment, a 'gotcha' angle to validate illegal immigration and open borders and what she found was really shocking, guys," Lahren told "Fox & Friends. ""She found that my family, who came here in the 1800s from Norway. . .

Qatari Investor Confirms Michael Avenatti's Report He Met with Transition Officials at Trump Tower
Cody Fenwick, AlterNet | alternet.org | 2018-05-15
The investor's spokesperson said he met Trump's team but not Michael Flynn. | Ahmed Al-Rumaihi, the head of a division of Qatar's sovereign wealth fund, met with President Donald Trump's transition team in 2016, according to a statement his spokesperson gave to CNN. This confirms a report from Michael Avenatti, the lawyer for Stormy Daniels, who asserted that Al-Rumaihi has attended such a meeting. However, the spokesperson denied that Al-Rumaihi met with Michael Flynn, Trump's former national security adviser who has since pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI, as Avenatti had claimed. A source told CNN that Al-Rumaihi did briefly meet Trump's lawyer Michael Cohen, one of the people sued in the case Avenatti represents. "Mr. Al-Rumaihi was at Trump Tower on December 12, 2016," the spokesperson told CNN. "He was there in his then role as head of Qatar Investments,. . .

Privacy Watch: Recreational DNA Testing May Reveal a Lot More Than Who Your Ancestors Were
The Conversation | alternet.org | 2018-05-15
Once the genie is out of the bottle, it isn't going back. | Aggressive marketing techniques and the popularization of "gifting" recreational ancestry tests has led more consumers than ever to the world of personal genetic testing. Yet, the recent arrest of the Golden State Killer suspect has heightened concerns about privacy and ethics because of the way law enforcement Genetic genealogy companies mostly stick to ancestry information — but the raw DNA data they provide. . .

The Anti-Imperialism of Fools
John Steppling | counterpunch.org | 2018-05-15
"God never spoke to an Arab." — Benjamin Disraeli, 1847 "Remembrance is, so to speak, interwoven with forgetfulness. That is why the Jewish historian Yosef Yerushalmi has pointed out that the opposite of "forgetfulness" is not really "remembrance" but "justice". — Carlo Ginzburg…

The New Poor People's Campaign: Seeds of a Non-Party Opposition?
Jeremy Brecher | counterpunch.org | 2018-05-15
This Mother's Day a convergence of unlikely bedfellows launched a Poor People's Campaign — echoing the Poor People's Campaign Martin Luther King, Jr. initiated half a century ago aiming to "transform the political, economic and moral structures of our society." Is there a strategy that can make that aim more than a vain hope? Today, millions…

Child Dies From Serious Wounds Suffered Monday
IMEMC News | imemc.org | 2018-05-15
The Palestinian Health Ministry has reported, on Tuesday morning, that a child died from serious wounds he suffered, Monday, after Israeli soldiers shot him east of Gaza City. The Ministry said the child, Adel Ibrahim Matar, 16, was shot with live fire, east of Gaza city, and remained in a …

Gaza Killings Spark Mass Protests in Ireland, South Africa
INA | imemc.org | 2018-05-15
In response to Israel's horrific massacre of dozens of unarmed Palestinians, and wounding of thousands, in Gaza, the Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign (IPSC) has organised a series of protests around Ireland to take place today. Protests are expected to continue in Gaza, and casualties are expected to mount. There will be …

Transition in Cuba Means a Continuation of the Revolution
AJBH | counterpunch.org | 2018-05-15
Havana, May Day. In the darkness, with the moon still high over the statue of Jose Marti in the Plaza of the Revolution, a million Cubans and internationalist friends began gathering in the Avenida Paseo to march in solidarity with the workers and oppressed of the world. But this year the energy and strength of…

Max Berrú, founder of the Chilean group Inti Illimani, dies
Barbara Russum | peoplesworld.org | 2018-05-15
Max Berrú Carrión was born in Cariamanga, Ecuador, June 5, 1942. He died May 1 at the age of 74 in Santiago de Chile, of bone marrow cancer diagnosed last year. Despite not being born in Chile, Berrú became Chilean by choice and lived five long decades in that country and became an emblem of …

Max Berrú, founder of the Chilean group Inti Illimani, dies

Mr. Fish | truthdig.com | 2018-05-15
The post Gaza appeared first on Truthdig: Expert Reporting, Current News, Provocative Columnists.

Thousands of Palestinians March In Ramallah
IMEMC News | imemc.org | 2018-05-15
Thousand of Palestinians marched, Monday, from Martyr Yasser Arafat Square in the central West Bank city of Ramallah, and headed towards Qalandia terminal, north of Jerusalem. The protesters marched while carrying Palestinian flags, and signs affirming their legitimate, internationally guaranteed rights of Freedom, independence and the Right of Return to …

Israeli Soldiers Abduct 19 Palestinians In The West Bank
IMEMC News | imemc.org | 2018-05-15
The Palestinian Prisoners' Society (PPS) has reported that Israeli soldiers have abducted at least nineteen Palestinians from their homes in several parts of the occupied West Bank, during extensive and violent searched of homes. The soldiers invaded many communities in several governorates of the West Bank, and interrogated many Palestinians …

Israel Repurposes Old Nakba Myths to Justify the Massacre in Gaza
Jonathan Cook | counterpunch.org | 2018-05-15
On Monday and Tuesday, Palestinians commemorate the anniversary of the Nakba, or catastrophe, their mass expulsion and dispossession 70 years ago as the new state of Israel was built on the ruins of their homeland. As a result, most Palestinians were turned into refugees, denied by Israel the right to return to their homes.

The United States Doesn't Need Jewish Help to Wage War
John Steppling | mintpressnews.com | 2018-05-15
Nobody needs to lead the United States into war. They do that all by themselves and in fact, it is almost the primary thing they do these days. | The post The United States Doesn't Need Jewish Help to Wage War appeared first on MintPress News.

The United States Doesn't Need Jewish Help to Wage War

U.S. Media Whitewashes Gaza Massacre
Joe Lauria | iranian.com | 2018-05-15
Typical of the mindset of corporate media reporting on what happened in Gaza on Monday as Israeli soldiers killed more than 50 protesting Palestinians, is this tweet from CNN. It says:…

How American Media is Whitewashing Israel's Massacre in Gaza
Joe Lauria | mintpressnews.com | 2018-05-15
As Israel killed more than 50 Palestinians in cold blood protesting the American embassy move on Monday, U.S. corporate media failed to accurately report what happened in Gaza, once again meekly protecting the government line. | The post How American Media is Whitewashing Israel's Massacre in Gaza appeared first on MintPress News.

How American Media is Whitewashing Israel's Massacre in Gaza

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