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Democrat House staffer arrested for doxxing 3 Republican senators during Kavanaugh hearing
RT | rt.com | 2018-10-04
A Democrat congressional staffer has been arrested and charged with publishing the personal information of three GOP senators. The arrest vindicates Rep. Maxine Waters, but may be bad news for her colleague Sheila Jackson Lee.

'Why don't we dunk him & see if he floats?' Sen. Graham rebuffs Kavanaugh protester
RT | rt.com | 2018-10-04
Accosted by a protester demanding that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh take a lie detector test, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) quipped that maybe Kavanaugh should be subjected to a witch hunt test instead.

'No hint of misconduct' in confidential FBI report on Kavanaugh – GOP Senate Judiciary chair
RT | rt.com | 2018-10-04
Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley has told NBC News that there is "no hint of misconduct" in the confidential FBI report on sexual-assault claims against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

'Absolutely nothing' to prove claims against Kavanaugh, confirmation to proceed — Senate GOP
RT | rt.com | 2018-10-04
Senate Republican leadership announced that an FBI probe into Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh has found no evidence to support sexual assault allegations against the judge, and said that a vote will be held on Saturday.

Grassroots outrage? Soros-funded activists behind anti-Kavanaugh campaign
RT | rt.com | 2018-10-04
Moving videos of women confronting senators over Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court nomination have been framed as grassroots activism, but they were actually made by an organization that receives massive funding from George Soros.

'Wake up people!': Cyber expert McAfee warns of US govt 'spying' through presidential alert texts
RT | rt.com | 2018-10-04
As the US was subjected to an unexpected nationwide message from President Donald Trump, many were startled and confused by the alert. One man, however, warned of a more sinister element to the public safety test.

White House finds no proof of sexual misconduct allegations against Kavanaugh in FBI report — WSJ
RT | rt.com | 2018-10-04
The White House has concluded that an FBI probe has found no evidence of sexual misconduct on the part of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Limiting Israel: Russia Deploys the S-300 to Syria
Binoy Kampmark | counterpunch.org | 2018-10-04
Relations between Russia and Israel have been those of an estranged couple punctuated by occasional breakouts of tense understanding. As with other such couples, a public row does not necessarily reflect the more placid, if stern discussion that might happen behind closed doors. On the public side of things, Russia's decision to deploy the S-300 anti-aircraft…

'This is not the Obama admin': Bolton unveils Trump's new far-reaching counter-terrorism strategy
RT | rt.com | 2018-10-04
The Trump administration has put together a six-prong counter-terrorism strategy that does not focus on a single organization and is going to "pursue terrorists at source," national security adviser John Bolton told reporters.

Academics 'rewrite' Mein Kampf using radical feminist language, paper accepted
RT | rt.com | 2018-10-04
A trio of frustrated academics has perpetrated an elaborate hoax exposing malpractice within academic research by submitting 20 bizarre and deliberately ridiculous papers for publication, several of which were accepted.

Germany, Israel Agree Iran Must Never Have Nuclear Weapons — Merkel
RFE | iranian.com | 2018-10-04
Germany and Israel agree that Iran should never be allowed to acquire nuclear weapons but they differ on how to achieve this goal, Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Thursday at a news conference with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. "We are very convinced and strongly share Israel's position that everything must be done to prevent […] | The post Germany, Israel Agree Iran Must Never Have Nuclear Weapons — Merkel appeared first on The Ir…

Mueller probe winding down? Prosecutors leave team while proof of 'Russia collusion' remains elusive
RT | rt.com | 2018-10-04
The departure of two prosecutors from the team of Special Counsel Robert Mueller has signaled that at least part of his probe is winding down. The investigation has yet to reveal any collusion between Russia and Donald Trump.

North Macedonia Referendum: No Shortage of Foreign Meddling but a Major Shortage of Voters
Dr. Michael Nevradakis | mintpressnews.com | 2018-10-04
While the naming the referendum is often minimized as yet another Balkan spat over trivial matters such as a name, what should be clear is that many of the world's powers, such as the United States, the European Union, NATO, and Russia consider this matter far from inconsequential. | The post North Macedonia Referendum: No Shortage of Foreign Meddling but a Major Shortage of Voters appeared first on MintP…

Russian influence & meddling in US 'pales in comparison' with China's, Pence believes
RT | rt.com | 2018-10-04
The White House has stepped up its showdown with China, casting it as the new top bogeyman, with Mike Pence declaring that the notorious Russian interference and meddling 'pales' in comparison to Beijing's influence in US affairs.

'We are not sin city': Houston blocks sex-doll brothel
RT | rt.com | 2018-10-04
Houston City Council in Texas has unanimously voted to block a sex-doll brothel from opening by bringing in a ban on citizens having sex with a device resembling a human at a business premises.

'Woefully uninformed': 81% of Americans under 45 would fail basic 'US citizenship test'
RT | rt.com | 2018-10-04
An overwhelming majority of Americans have no clue about their history or civic culture, with only 36 percent of natives able to pass the US Citizenship Civics Test taken by foreigners, a new study has shown.

'Bowing to racists'? University in Ohio cancels musical over 'whitewashing' backlash
RT | rt.com | 2018-10-04
A university in Ohio has cancelled a planned production of the musical 'West Side Story' after students complained that Latino roles were given to white students instead of students of Latino descent.

Iran Says Saudi Arabia, Russia Violated OPEC Deal On Output Cuts
RFE | iranian.com | 2018-10-04
Iran accused Saudi Arabia and Russia on Wednesday of breaking OPEC's agreement on output cuts by producing more crude, adding that the two countries would not be able to produce enough oil to make up for a reduction in Iranian exports. Reuters reported on Wednesday that Russia and Saudi Arabia struck a private deal in […] | The post Iran Says Saudi Arabia, Russia Violated OPEC Deal On Output Cuts appeared first on The Iranian.

Is Trump a time traveller or undercover shopper? Doppelganger sends internet into meltdown (VIDEO)
RT | rt.com | 2018-10-04
The internet is in a tizzy after a video surfaced on social media of Donald Trump at a gas station… Or was it a man who looks like him? Online sleuths are now on a search for yet another striking POTUS doppelganger.

The Planned Invasion of Canada by the US. Political Meddling into the Affairs of a Sovereign Nation
Prof Michel Chossudovsky | globalresearch.ca | 2018-10-04
Introduction and Update | While the mainstream media has its eyes riveted on alleged Russian interference in Canada, without a shred of evidence, recent developments pertaining to the enactment of NAFTA 2.0, visibly point to US meddling in Canada's internal affairs. … | The post The Planned Invasion of Canada by the US. Political Meddling into the Affairs of a Sovereign Nation appeared first on Global Research.

Did he or didn't he? CCTV footage released of security guard's 'ghostly' encounter (VIDEOS, POLL)
RT | rt.com | 2018-10-04
A security guard at a Chicago nursing home is sharing spooky surveillance footage of his creepy encounters with a 'ghost' that he claims floated by him while he was on duty – and continues to haunt the building.

CIA Democrats call for aggression against Russia, run pro-war campaigns in 2018 congressional races
wsws | wsws.org | 2018-10-03
Democratic challengers seeking Republican congressional seats, particularly those with a military-intelligence background, are pushing for ever greater military spending.

Don't mention the Clintons? Senator quote about Democrats mocking abuse victim gets Kavanaugh twist
RT | rt.com | 2018-10-03
Arguing that Republicans have shown nothing but respect for the woman who accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault, Senator Lindsey Graham brought up a quote from the 1990s. But some reporters didn't get it.

GoFundMe campaigns for Kavanaugh & Ford rack up over $1.2 million
RT | rt.com | 2018-10-03
Online fundraising campaigns have raised more than $1.2 million combined for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, the woman who has accused him of sexual assault.

'Now that's objectivity' – MSNBC anchor admits media 'going after' Kavanaugh
RT | rt.com | 2018-10-03
In a rare moment of honesty, MSNBC's Stephanie Ruhle said "we're going after" Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, seemingly admitting to the media's stance on the judge's confirmation process.

US and Chinese warships narrowly avoid collision in South China Sea
wsws | wsws.org | 2018-10-03
Any misstep or accident in East Asia's sea and airspace now threatens to trigger a full-scale war between the rival nuclear-armed powers.

'Very scary time for American men'? Trump says Kavanaugh case erodes presumption of innocence
RT | rt.com | 2018-10-03
The scandals surrounding Supreme Court Judge nominee Brett Kavanaugh have shown that a "scary time" has come for young men in the US, where they no longer have the privilege of the presumption of innocence, Donald Trump said.

Iran's Alleged "Secret Nuclear Facility" in Lebanon, according to Netanyahu
Elijah J. Magnier | globalresearch.ca | 2018-10-03
Israel, through its Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu, is waving the flag of war in the face of Iran and Hezbollah, showing what is claimed to be a "secret nuclear facility in Iran and Hezbollah strategic missile warehouse in the heart … | The post Iran's Alleged "Secret Nuclear Facility" in Lebanon, according to Netanyahu appeared first on Global Research.

History of World War II: Hitler's Favorite Commando and Committed Nazi: Otto Skorzeny
Shane Quinn | globalresearch.ca | 2018-10-03
As late as February and March 1945 the SS commander Otto Skorzeny, and his forces, were enjoying military headway on the Eastern front, however brief and temporary at this stage. Skorzeny's efforts to frustrate the heroic Soviet troops in … | The post History of World War II: Hitler's Favorite Commando and Committed Nazi: Otto Skorzeny appeared first on Global Research.

Is Kavanaugh innocent or guilty? Democrat senator says it doesn't matter, sparking Twitter outrage
RT | rt.com | 2018-10-03
New Jersey Senator Cory Booker is facing a swift Twitter backlash after saying he believes it is time to "move on" to a new Supreme Court candidate regardless of whether Brett Kavanaugh is "innocent or guilty" of sexual assault.

Washington threatens preemptive strike against Russian missiles
wsws | wsws.org | 2018-10-03
The threat by the US envoy Kay Bailey Hutchison to "take out" Russian missiles raises the specter of a nuclear Third World War.

Twitter slams Hillary's 'bombastic laugh' in reaction to Kavanaugh's 'revenge' claim
RT | rt.com | 2018-10-03
Hillary Clinton said Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh's claim that sexual misconduct allegations against him amount to "revenge on behalf of the Clintons" was worthy of a laugh — but Twitter did not find her laugh convincing.

'Double standard bullsh*t': #MeToo icon Alyssa Milano hates Kavanaugh… but 'loves' Bill Clinton?
RT | rt.com | 2018-10-03
Actress Alyssa Milano has used her political clout to rally behind Christine Blasey Ford, but her tweet on apparent "love" for Bill Clinton dug up from the deep past has sparked accusations of hypocrisy

Ex-boyfriend casts doubt on Ford's testimony about Kavanaugh-created 'trauma'
RT | rt.com | 2018-10-03
A statement provided to the senate by Christine Blasey Ford's ex-boyfriend has raised serious questions about the truthfulness of her sworn testimony, in the latest twist to the ongoing Kavanaugh confirmation saga.

Suspect arrested over ricin letters sent to Trump & Pentagon, 'ex-Navy sailor' reported culprit
RT | rt.com | 2018-10-03
Police in Logan, Utah have arrested a man suspected of sending letters that tested positive to biotoxin ricin to the Pentagon and the White House. The suspect is reportedly a former Navy sailor.

1 officer killed, 6 injured in South Carolina shooting; suspect in custody
RT | rt.com | 2018-10-03
Four city police officers and three sheriff's deputies have been wounded during an active shooter incident in Florence, South Carolina. The suspect has been apprehended, authorities said.

FBI documents detail Clinton and Mueller's own 'Russiagate' — but they're classified
RT | rt.com | 2018-10-03
The FBI is facing new calls to declassify documents relating to the sale of US uranium to a Russian company, documents that could implicate Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and 'Russiagate' witch-hunter Robert Mueller.

Boomerang effect: Burglar knocks himself out with a rock he threw to break store window (VIDEO)
RT | rt.com | 2018-10-03
A hilarious attempted heist ended in what appeared to be a mild concussion after the would-be thief was struck on the head with his own weapon.

America's next top villain: Is China lined up to replace Russia as the US' default enemy?
RT | rt.com | 2018-10-03
Recent provocations in the South China Sea follow rising tensions between the US and China, but with rivalry expanding into the economic and political spheres, it seems Beijing is now encroaching on Russia's top-villain status.

US says Palestine 'not a state,' withdraws from Vienna Convention's 'optional protocol'
RT | rt.com | 2018-10-03
The US is withdrawing from the "optional protocol" in the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, John Bolton has confirmed. He said it follows a case brought by Palestine, challenging the US embassy's move to Jerusalem.

Trump told Saudi King he wouldn't last '2 weeks' without US support
RT | rt.com | 2018-10-03
The Saudi Arabian monarchy would fall "within two weeks" if it wasn't for the military support that the US has provided to the Gulf kingdom over the decades, Donald Trump noted in graceless remarks to the King.

The Struggle for the Ukraine Orthodox Church: Tension Between the Constantinople and Moscow Patriarchate. Is there an Option Which Will Avoid a Schism?
Boiko Hristov | globalresearch.ca | 2018-10-03
Over the past few weeks, the degree of tension between Constantinople and the Moscow Patriarchate has significantly grown. The meeting of the two patriarchs, not expected to be fruitful, took place on August 31 and on September 7, the Ecumenical … | The post The Struggle for the Ukraine Orthodox Church: Tension Between the Constantinople and Moscow Patriarchate. Is there an Option Which Will Avoid a Sch…

Argh! America gets a text from Trump, memes ensue
RT | rt.com | 2018-10-03
As cell phones across the US went off in a 'Presidential Alert' test, millions of voices cried out in response. Despite the text saying "no action is needed," people did react: with anger, laughter, frustration, and even memes.

Scare tactics: Shrieks of horror as bat crashes Trump rally (VIDEO)
RT | rt.com | 2018-10-03
A winged creature of the night hilariously gatecrashed a rally for President Donald Trump as a bat stirred up chaos amongst the crowd. Police were even forced to swoop in to contain one of Count Dracula's minions.

Tired of the political divide in America? Don't worry, it's going to get much worse
RT | rt.com | 2018-10-02
Politically and culturally, the gulf between left and right, Democrat and Republican, seems to be widening day by day. According to one new study, you ain't seen nothing yet.

'I hope they didn't do it': State Dept in doubt over S-300 delivery, warns of 'serious escalation'
RT | rt.com | 2018-10-02
The news of Russia completing the delivery of its S-300 air defense system to the Syrian Army has provoked a nervous reaction in Washington, as the US State Department said it still hopes that the delivery had not taken place.

'A lying slip-and-fall con artist' — Kavanaugh accuser savaged for TV interview
RT | rt.com | 2018-10-02
Julie Swetnick, the third woman to accuse Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault, has been slammed for giving a TV interview full of wild and unprovable allegations.

It's a (Russian) trap! Negative tweets about The Last Jedi movie were Russian bots – report
RT | rt.com | 2018-10-02
A new report analyzing online reaction to the Star Wars: The Last Jedi movie has identified an interesting and questionable culprit behind some of the negative tweets posted about the film: Russian bots and trolls.

Kavanaugh's Yale classmate admits he 'is not certain' judge was in the house during 'shocking' party
RT | rt.com | 2018-10-02
Tad Low, who was Kavanaugh's Yale classmate in the late 1980s, wrote an accusatory letter about a salacious party taking place in Kavanaugh's house. However, he "isn't certain" if the future judge was present during the event.

Georgetown professor says Kavanaugh defenders 'deserve miserable deaths' and should be 'castrated'
RT | rt.com | 2018-10-02
A controversial professor at Washington D.C.'s Georgetown University has tweeted that "entitled white men" deserve to have their corpses castrated and fed to pigs. The university doesn't seem to think there's a problem.

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