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Crucial Senate vote on Kavanaugh Supreme Court nomination (WATCH LIVE)
RT | rt.com | 2018-10-05
The Senate is set to vote on ending the debate over Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation process. A yes vote brings Kavanaugh one step closer to confirmation, and the months-long political soap opera to an end.

Kathy Griffin, Michael Moore trade barbs as bitter Kavanaugh confirmation saga enters final phase
RT | rt.com | 2018-10-05
With the Senate preparing to vote on Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh, the wokest of the woke celebrities and #resistance figures are pulling out all the stops to out-tweet and out-liberal each other in protest.

The Trump Regime Is Out Of Control
Philip Giraldi | iranian.com | 2018-10-05
The nuclear war doomsday clock maintained on the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists website has advanced to two minutes before midnight, the closest point to possible atomic apocalypse since the end of the Cold War. In 1995 the clock was at fourteen minutes to midnight, but the opportunity to set it back even further was lost as the […] | The post The Trump Regime Is Out Of Control appeared first on The Iranian.

#ICYMI: Kavanaugh v Ford, choose your side on the new frontline of culture wars (VIDEO)
RT | rt.com | 2018-10-05
Judge Brett Kavanaugh, Donald Trump's choice for Supreme Court Justice, is still in line for one of the most influential jobs in the US despite fighting off allegations of sexual assault.

S-300s and Other Military Hardware for Syria, by The Saker
The Saker | unz.com | 2018-10-05
This week Russian officials declared that the delivery of S-300s for Syria was completed and that this first batch included 49 pieces of "military equipment", including radars, control vehicles and four launchers. Russian officials added that, if needed, this figure could be increased to 8-12 launchers. Defense Minister Shoigu added that "the measures we will…

That Time Churchill Wanted to Start World War III, Before World War II was Even Over
RS Ahthion | counterpunch.org | 2018-10-05
As the great industrial slaughter of human beings that was World War 2 came to an end and Germany was being divided the British government was drawing up plans to re-arm the Nazi's and along with the Americans, plan a surprise attack against the Soviet Union. The target date for this incredible insanity was July…

Obstruction of justice? Schumer, Ratajkowski arrested at mass anti-Kavanaugh protest (VIDEO, PHOTOS)
RT | rt.com | 2018-10-05
Hundreds of protesters, including prominent #MeToo celebrity figures Amy Schumer and Emily Ratajkowski, have been arrested in Washington DC during another protest against Judge Brett Kavanaugh's nomination to the Supreme Court.

Defensive bioweapon? DARPA wants insects to spread genetically modified viruses… to 'save crops'
RT | rt.com | 2018-10-05
A US military program dubbed 'Insect Allies' could be used as a biological weapon, a group of European scientists warns. The Pentagon's research arm claims they are intended to defend crops, but doesn't deny 'dual-use' potential.

On Russian TV, Brett Kavanaugh Is a Victim of "the Plague of Malignant Feminism"
Robert Mackey | theintercept.com | 2018-10-05
Russian state TV describes Brett Kavanaugh as a victim of a global, feminist pandemic which has previously felled Harvey Weinstein and Cristiano Ronaldo. | The post On Russian TV, Brett Kavanaugh Is a Victim of "the Plague of Malignant Feminism" appeared first on The Intercept.

'I would do very well': Golf enthusiast Trump brags he could beat Putin in boxing match (VIDEO)
RT | rt.com | 2018-10-05
Donald Trump declared he would have a good chance against judo black belt Vladimir Putin in a hypothetical boxing match, during some off-script boasting at a Minnesota political rally.

Russian Oligarchs are a Problem, But Let's Not Forget American Ones
Andrew J. Wood | counterpunch.org | 2018-10-05
Oligarchs the world over have long been destabilizing economies and shaping governing bodies for their own benefit. For instance, if we turn to the supposed 'birth of democracy' in Ancient Athens, elites (called 'citizens') of the polis ruled over the mass populace (the common people of the hoi polloi). Plato had instilled in many Greeks…

Don't Arm This President with These Nukes
Olivia Alperstein | counterpunch.org | 2018-10-05
On September 26, the global community celebrated International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons, a day designated by the United Nations (UN) to draw attention to one of its oldest goals: achieving global nuclear disarmament. By unhappy coincidence, September 26 was also the day President Donald Trump addressed the UN Security Council, and…

We Need to Talk About Masculinity
Jill Richardson | counterpunch.org | 2018-10-05
On September 26, the global community celebrated International Day for the Total Elimination of Nuclear Weapons, a day designated by the United Nations (UN) to draw attention to one of its oldest goals: achieving global nuclear disarmament. By unhappy coincidence, September 26 was also the day President Donald Trump addressed the UN Security Council, and…

#BoycottGosling: Flat Earthers & patriots incensed at 'removal' of US flag from moon landing film
RT | rt.com | 2018-10-05
US patriots and Flat Earthers alike took to Twitter to vent their outrage following the premiere of the new Neil Armstrong biopic First Man, which does not feature the iconic planting of the American flag on the lunar surface.

US, UK and NATO allies ramp up anti-Russia offensive over "cyber spying" and Skripals
wsws | wsws.org | 2018-10-05
To frame the demand for the seven arrests, the US utilised all the material gathered by its NATO allies against Russia over the Skripal/novichok affair.

'Most valuable specimen I have ever held': Doorstop rock confirmed as $100k meteorite (VIDEO)
RT | rt.com | 2018-10-05
A US farmer and his son saw a shooting star come crashing onto their property one night in the 1930s. For decades, they and the subsequent landowner used the remnants as a doorstop. Now it has been valued at over $100,000.

Air Force Number 2? Trump boards presidential plane with toilet paper stuck to shoe
RT | rt.com | 2018-10-05
There's something about realizing you've been dragging toilet paper around on your shoe that makes everybody blush. Unfortunately for Donald Trump, he was spotted in just such a predicament as he boarded Air Force One.

Israel: S-300 Will Not Protect Iranian Forces In Syria
SouthFront | iranian.com | 2018-10-05
Israel claims that the S-300 system delivered to the Syrian military will not defend Iranian forces in the country from Israeli attacks. "We have made it clear to the Russians at the highest levels in recent days that we have no interest in confronting Russia or Syria," Israeli Regional Cooperation Minister Tzachi Hanegbi stated according […] | The post Israel: S-300 Will Not Protect Iranian Forces In Syria appeared first on The Iranian.

Godfather of 'God particle' dies after selling Nobel medal to pay medical expenses
RT | rt.com | 2018-10-05
Nobel Prize Winner Leon Lederman, credited with coining the term 'The God Particle', has passed away at the age of 96, having been forced to sell his medal to cover his medical expenses.

The Nuclear Debate as a Cover for Sustaining Exploitation
Nicolas Lalaguna | counterpunch.org | 2018-10-05

Netanyahu: More Lying at the United Nations
Robert Fantina | counterpunch.org | 2018-10-05
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, on September 27, took his dog-and-pony show to the United Nations General Assembly, and advised the world that he knew of a secret site of Iran's (non-existent) nuclear weapons facility. He urged the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to immediately rush to that site, discover the horrible weapons, and thus…

India Signs $5 Billion Deal for Russian Air Defense Systems
Staff | truthdig.com | 2018-10-05
The question now is whether the U.S. will penalize New Delhi via the Counter America's Adversaries Through Sanctions Act. | The post India Signs $5 Billion Deal for Russian Air Defense Systems appeared first on Truthdig: Expert Reporting, Current News, Provocative Columnists.

Russia's New Missile Defense System in Syria May Change Balance of Power in Middle East
Patrick Cockburn | counterpunch.org | 2018-10-05
Russia has completed delivery of a S-300 surface-to-air missile system to Syria in a move likely to change the balance of forces in the skies over the Syrian battlefields. "The work was finished a day ago," Russian defence minister Sergei Shoigu told President Vladimir Putin in a meeting broadcast on television. The decision to supply the sophisticated anti-aircraft system…

'Absolutely nothing' to prove claims against Kavanaugh, confirmation to proceed — Senate GOP
RT | rt.com | 2018-10-04
Senate Republican leadership announced that an FBI probe into Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh has found no evidence to support sexual assault allegations against the judge, and said that a vote will be held on Saturday.

White House finds no proof of sexual misconduct allegations against Kavanaugh in FBI report — WSJ
RT | rt.com | 2018-10-04
The White House has concluded that an FBI probe has found no evidence of sexual misconduct on the part of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, the Wall Street Journal reported.

'No hint of misconduct' in confidential FBI report on Kavanaugh – GOP Senate Judiciary chair
RT | rt.com | 2018-10-04
Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley has told NBC News that there is "no hint of misconduct" in the confidential FBI report on sexual-assault claims against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

'Why don't we dunk him & see if he floats?' Sen. Graham rebuffs Kavanaugh protester
RT | rt.com | 2018-10-04
Accosted by a protester demanding that Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh take a lie detector test, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) quipped that maybe Kavanaugh should be subjected to a witch hunt test instead.

Washington Threatens Preemptive Strike Against Russian Missiles
Bill Van Auken | globalresearch.ca | 2018-10-04
On Tuesday, the United States government issued its most direct and public threat of a military strike against Russia since the height of the Cold War. | The US ambassador to NATO, Kay Bailey Hutchison, told a press conference at NATO … | The post Washington Threatens Preemptive Strike Against Russian Missiles appeared first on Global Research.

Pentagon's 'self-defense' means war anywhere, any time. But there's a call to regulate war powers
RT | rt.com | 2018-10-04
A post-9/11 act grants the president authority to wage foreign wars with few restrictions. However, Democrats want the Pentagon to explain a lesser-known policy that allows the military to strike almost anywhere, at any time.

Democrat House staffer arrested for doxxing 3 Republican senators during Kavanaugh hearing
RT | rt.com | 2018-10-04
A Democrat congressional staffer has been arrested and charged with publishing the personal information of three GOP senators. The arrest vindicates Rep. Maxine Waters, but may be bad news for her colleague Sheila Jackson Lee.

Grassroots outrage? Soros-funded activists behind anti-Kavanaugh campaign
RT | rt.com | 2018-10-04
Moving videos of women confronting senators over Brett Kavanaugh's Supreme Court nomination have been framed as grassroots activism, but they were actually made by an organization that receives massive funding from George Soros.

'Wake up people!': Cyber expert McAfee warns of US govt 'spying' through presidential alert texts
RT | rt.com | 2018-10-04
As the US was subjected to an unexpected nationwide message from President Donald Trump, many were startled and confused by the alert. One man, however, warned of a more sinister element to the public safety test.

'Shortseller Enrichment Commission': Musk mocks SEC over fraud probe
RT | rt.com | 2018-10-04
While things aren't on the up-and-up for eccentric entrepreneur Elon Musk, ousted as Tesla chairman and sued by a US agency for fraud over scandalous tweets, he's now put Twitter in overdrive with an act certain to invite trouble.

Germany, Israel Agree Iran Must Never Have Nuclear Weapons — Merkel
RFE | iranian.com | 2018-10-04
Germany and Israel agree that Iran should never be allowed to acquire nuclear weapons but they differ on how to achieve this goal, Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Thursday at a news conference with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. "We are very convinced and strongly share Israel's position that everything must be done to prevent […] | The post Germany, Israel Agree Iran Must Never Have Nuclear Weapons — Merkel appeared first on The Ir…

Russia's S-300 Air Defense Systems Arrive in Syria
Stephen Lendman | globalresearch.ca | 2018-10-04
S-300 air defense systems can detect and target enemy aircraft, missiles, and other aerial objects as distant as 250 km (155 miles) away. | They can lock on to up to six targets simultaneously, able to fire two missiles at each … | The post Russia's S-300 Air Defense Systems Arrive in Syria appeared first on Global Research.

Mueller probe winding down? Prosecutors leave team while proof of 'Russia collusion' remains elusive
RT | rt.com | 2018-10-04
The departure of two prosecutors from the team of Special Counsel Robert Mueller has signaled that at least part of his probe is winding down. The investigation has yet to reveal any collusion between Russia and Donald Trump.

Academics 'rewrite' Mein Kampf using radical feminist language, paper accepted
RT | rt.com | 2018-10-04
A trio of frustrated academics has perpetrated an elaborate hoax exposing malpractice within academic research by submitting 20 bizarre and deliberately ridiculous papers for publication, several of which were accepted.

The Planned Invasion of Canada by the US. Political Meddling into the Affairs of a Sovereign Nation
Prof Michel Chossudovsky | globalresearch.ca | 2018-10-04
Introduction and Update | While the mainstream media has its eyes riveted on alleged Russian interference in Canada, without a shred of evidence, recent developments pertaining to the enactment of NAFTA 2.0, visibly point to US meddling in Canada's internal affairs. … | The post The Planned Invasion of Canada by the US. Political Meddling into the Affairs of a Sovereign Nation appeared first on Global Research.

'We are not sin city': Houston blocks sex-doll brothel
RT | rt.com | 2018-10-04
Houston City Council in Texas has unanimously voted to block a sex-doll brothel from opening by bringing in a ban on citizens having sex with a device resembling a human at a business premises.

'Woefully uninformed': 81% of Americans under 45 would fail basic 'US citizenship test'
RT | rt.com | 2018-10-04
An overwhelming majority of Americans have no clue about their history or civic culture, with only 36 percent of natives able to pass the US Citizenship Civics Test taken by foreigners, a new study has shown.

Turkey to Use National Currency For Wheat Imports From Russia
Daily Sabah | globalresearch.ca | 2018-10-04
According to a statement released by Russian analytical center SovEkon, Turkey will purchase 30,000 tons of high-protein wheat from Russia and will pay in rubles, the country's currency. | The price of wheat is set at 17,000 rubles per ton, the … | The post Turkey to Use National Currency For Wheat Imports From Russia appeared first on Global Research.

Is Trump a time traveller or undercover shopper? Doppelganger sends internet into meltdown (VIDEO)
RT | rt.com | 2018-10-04
The internet is in a tizzy after a video surfaced on social media of Donald Trump at a gas station… Or was it a man who looks like him? Online sleuths are now on a search for yet another striking POTUS doppelganger.

'This is not the Obama admin': Bolton unveils Trump's new far-reaching counter-terrorism strategy
RT | rt.com | 2018-10-04
The Trump administration has put together a six-prong counter-terrorism strategy that does not focus on a single organization and is going to "pursue terrorists at source," national security adviser John Bolton told reporters.

Did he or didn't he? CCTV footage released of security guard's 'ghostly' encounter (VIDEOS, POLL)
RT | rt.com | 2018-10-04
A security guard at a Chicago nursing home is sharing spooky surveillance footage of his creepy encounters with a 'ghost' that he claims floated by him while he was on duty – and continues to haunt the building.

Did the US Steal Russia's Hypersonic Weapons Secrets?
Andrew Korybko | globalresearch.ca | 2018-10-04
The US stole Russia's hypersonic weapons secrets over the summer and is now on track to test these systems sooner than the rest of the world originally anticipated. | President Putin's announcement in March that Russia was in possession of hypersonic … | The post Did the US Steal Russia's Hypersonic Weapons Secrets? appeared first on Global Research.

North Macedonia Referendum: No Shortage of Foreign Meddling but a Major Shortage of Voters
Dr. Michael Nevradakis | mintpressnews.com | 2018-10-04
While the naming referendum is often minimized as yet another Balkan spat over trivial matters, what should be clear is that many of the world's powers, such as the United States, the European Union, NATO, and Russia consider this matter far from inconsequential. | The post North Macedonia Referendum: No Shortage of Foreign Meddling but a Major Shortage of Voters appeared first on MintPress News.

Russian influence & meddling in US 'pales in comparison' with China's, Pence believes
RT | rt.com | 2018-10-04
The White House has stepped up its showdown with China, casting it as the new top bogeyman, with Mike Pence declaring that the notorious Russian interference and meddling 'pales' in comparison to Beijing's influence in US affairs.

'Bowing to racists'? University in Ohio cancels musical over 'whitewashing' backlash
RT | rt.com | 2018-10-04
A university in Ohio has cancelled a planned production of the musical 'West Side Story' after students complained that Latino roles were given to white students instead of students of Latino descent.

Is Kavanaugh innocent or guilty? Democrat senator says it doesn't matter, sparking Twitter outrage
RT | rt.com | 2018-10-03
New Jersey Senator Cory Booker is facing a swift Twitter backlash after saying he believes it is time to "move on" to a new Supreme Court candidate regardless of whether Brett Kavanaugh is "innocent or guilty" of sexual assault.

'Now that's objectivity' – MSNBC anchor admits media 'going after' Kavanaugh
RT | rt.com | 2018-10-03
In a rare moment of honesty, MSNBC's Stephanie Ruhle said "we're going after" Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, seemingly admitting to the media's stance on the judge's confirmation process.

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