KPFA: The Herbal Highway [Program Feed]

  • Prevention Starts Now – April 18, 2019
    Join Sarah Holmes for a discussion of prevention. What does that mean for each of us? What are the tonic plants that can support our weaker systems?
  • The Mouth: Gateway to Holistic Health – April 11, 2019
    Join guest host Emiliano Lemus [1] interviewing Rupam Henry [2] as they explore the connections between oral health and overall health and a systems level approach to oral health. [1] [2]
  • Making Changes – April 4, 2019
    Listen in as Karyn Sanders explores the plants that can help us to make change and leave old habits and patterns behind.
  • Recovering from Injury – March 28, 2019
    Join Sarah Holmes for a discussion of injuries and which plants can support your healing.
  • Tired? – March 21, 2019
    Sarah Holmes explores the many reasons you could be feeling tired and how to improve your energy.
  • Spring! – March 14, 2019
    Join Sarah Holmes for an exploration of spring. She focuses on plants and lifestyle choices that help us to be in harmony with the season and make the most of this dynamic time.
  • Gratitude – March 7, 2019
    Join Sarah Holmes for an exploration of gratitude and how this perspective helps us to be in balance and health. She includes essences to support us in this work. Fund Drive.
  • Double Header! – February 28, 2019
    Join Karyn Sanders and Caroline Casey, host of The Visionary Activist, for a two hour special. Listen in as they wend and weave their way through a discussion of anything and everything. Fund drive.
  • Integrating Herbs into your Life – February 21, 2019
    Join Sarah Holmes for an interview with herbalist and author, Rosalee de la Foret [1]. They explore simple ways to enjoy herbs and integrate them into your daily life. Emiliano Lemus joins her for the Winter Fund Drive. [1]
  • Loving Connections – February 14, 2019
    Join guest host Madalyn Berg [1] as she speaks about love. She explores ways our patterns, histories, and culture can create obstacles to connection and the plants that can support us practicing different ways of loving. [1]
  • Wildcrafting; an Indigenous Perspective – February 7, 2019
    Listen in while Karyn Sanders [1] shares her perspective on wildcrafting, the practice of harvesting plants from the wild. Previously aired 10.05.17. [1]
  • Diabetes; Interview with Christa Sinadinos – January 31, 2019
    Join Sarah Holmes and her guest, Christa Sinadinos [1], for a discussion on diabetes. Christa is an herbalist, teacher and author of The Essential Guide to Western Botanical Medicine which is being released this summer. [1]
  • Aging with Grace – January 24, 2019
    Join Sarah Holmes and aromatherapist and herbalist Mindy Green [1] for a discussion on aging and supporting this process naturally with plant medicine. Previously aired 4.21.16. [1]
  • Herbs and Addiction – January 17, 2019
    Join guest host Emiliano Lemus [1] interviewing New Orleans based herbalist, Jen Stovall [2] on herbal responses to the opioid epidemic and substance addictions. We discuss using plants to work with people experiencing addiction and community harm reduction efforts. [1] [2]
  • Interview with Panquetzani – January 10, 2019
    Join guest host, Renée Camila [1] in conversation with Panquetzani of Indigemama: Ancestral Healing [2]. Panquetzani honors the 4,000 year-old traditions of her foremothers. Today we discuss Mesoamerican medicine, Mexican folk healing, and basic womb health. [1] [2]

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